How to DIY a Set of Pictrue Pannel Earphones




Introduction: How to DIY a Set of Pictrue Pannel Earphones

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We Know that the handcrafted earphones is luxury for people and only famous stars (who have a thick wallet) can afford them.

We now find a way to make the whole process more simple and cost lower, so that every one can have one.

As the pictrue shows you, we can put the picture of the Shield of CA into your earphones, and even the awesome look gears, punk style, everything you can imagine. The only thing that makes your earphones don't have a good face is, your imagination.

In this project, we will DIY handcrafted custom picture earphones. In the process, you will learn how to embed your favorite picture into your earphones, it can be your precious photo of your memories, and your girlfriend's photo, or even a metal LOGO!

Once you learn, you can put anything into it and never worry about others wear the same earbuds on the street. No one can copy that, you are you!

Are you ready? Let's begin to make handcrafted earphones. You decide what your earbuds look like!

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Step 1: Prepare Materials

1. Sholdering iron

2. Hot air gun

3. UV lamp

4. Hand-held UV lamp

5. Solder wire

6. Electronic Hot Plate

7. Polisher

8. Frequency response analyzer (Based on IEC7 11 standard test)

9. A computer

10. Rice cooker( or a Microwave oven)

11. Multimeter

12. Ultrasonic cleaning machines

Step 2: ​Prepare Supplies

1. Egger agar

2. Egger LPcleaner

3. Egger LP/H

4. Agar molded cups x2

5. Special wax for custom headphones (Not white wax)

6. Metal complex dyes (color mixing)

7. Guide tube (Common Size: inner 2 mm, outer 2.8 mm, inner 1.5 mm outer 2 mm)

8. Capacitor & resistor

9. Sludge (Seal test)

10. Sandpaper (800, 1000, 2000)

11. Syringe

12. Tweezers

13. Kraft AB glue

14. Take damping tool

15. Storage box

16. Heat shrink tube

17. Bonding wire (Connecting two drivers)

18. Damping

19. Pin socket

20. Cables

21. Drivers

22. Resin

Step 3: Connecting Sound Guide Tube, Welding the Drivers, and the Audio Test

a. Install the conduit

b. Using a capacitor and wires to make a divider

c. Use tweezers to grasp driver, positive and negative points welding

d. Welding the driver wires in the base

e. Bonded the adhesion with resin between the tube and the driver

Step 4: Making Shells 1/3

a. Dedicated agar in the rice cooker water heating (microwave oven worked too)

b. Putting the waxed ear model into the mold cup

c. Waiting the cooked agar naturally cooled to 40-50 degrees, pour into the mold cup

d. Wait for agar natural curing, carefully remove the ear model, be careful not to poke the agar mold

Step 5: Making Shells 2/3

e. Toner resin in the dark, avoid the sunlight, poured into the mold, and covered with an opaque cover

f. Placed it into UV light box, in the middle, and block UV light box with a mirror port, that you can make the light more evenly

Step 6: Making Shells 3/3: Getting Shells

g. After the middle of the photo-curable resin does not pour out, pour out the no-curing resin, upside down and wait it drained

h. Upside down the agar cavity, pour into the water or cleaning agent, set it into the UV lamp for a few minutes. then you'll get a clean shell of your earphone

i. Polished shell with cutting blades open outlet position, drill holes, washed with water, then cleaning with the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

j. Set the driver into the shell, fixed with resin

Step 7: Making Lids

a. Print out the photos you like in a good proportion

b. Delineate the contours of the earphone housing in your favorite place

c. Paint the resin above the photo, try to control the inner profile, and then cured with a UV lamp

d. With the same color of the resin adhesive lid and shell, into the UV curing lamp (don't let the resin flow into the conduit and the socket)

e. Electric mill wore away the excess part, then sandpaper polished body slowly

f. Bright paint again, then placed it under a UV lamp, curing to dry

g. Your handcrafted custom earphones finished

Step 8: Making Cords

a. material

i. Pins (the middle positive electrode)

ii. Shell of cord head

iii. Heat Shrink Tubing

b. The line passes through the heat-shrinkable tube

c. Welding cords and pins

d.Use a heat gun to make the natural inclusions

e. Cased them , dropped resin to fill the space

f. Curing under the UV lamp

g. After curing, using a heat wind gun, the wire twisted and shaped to ear hook

Step 9: Enjoy!

Connect headphones and cords, just enjoy your own handcrafted earphones!

Now, you know all about the secret of the process to making a set of your own earphones. Not just the pictrue you love, matal LOGO, gears, wooden panel, even a spider. Now it's your turn, why not Do It Yourself.

If you want to know more about the hancrafted custom earphones, please go to Kickstarter to get more information.

Click here: Handcrafted eaphones on Kickstarter

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