How to De-Seed a Tomato




Today we are going to learn how to remove the seeds from a tomato.  If you are to make salsa or perhaps ceviche, you may need to remove the seeds.  There are several techniques, but I like the one I use.

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Step 1: Starting Out

Cut off the top and bottom of the tomato and reserve them.   It is somewhat important to make them straight so that the tomato will be able to sit level.  

Step 2: Semi-Circumcision

Depending on the size of the core, you may cut into the spoke area where the seeds are without any obstruction. Do not cut out the seeds directly at this time unless you a mess.  Instead you will cut around the connecting areas.   Although it is possible to do it in one go, it is recommended you cut the pieces in half first.

As the picture shows, one can see the spokes of the tomato, this is where you will cut.  See how it stands up?  We cut the bottom up to give stability to the cutting process.   Starting from the outer spoke, carefully cut around trying to avoid the seeds as much as possible. 

If done correctly you should get two pieces like the second picture.   There may be times when you have to cut the tomato into four or more pieces,  just repeat the same process of cutting around the seeds.

Step 3: Surgery

With the exterior gone, you are left with a mass of flesh and some seeds.   Take your knife and carefully, scoop the seed mass out.   Now you can cut up your tomato as you please.   I usually do the scooping step over the trash just so I do not have to worry about the seeds getting into my food.   Do not  forget about your tops, they are valuable pieces of tomato.

Now go make some salsa or ceviche!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I just cut top and bottom and put my fingers through it and rinse with tap water...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    De nada:) I feel like this technique is a gap in salsa recipes here. I will see if I can submit it. Technically it is how render a tomato palatable without seeds:3.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing this! Interesting! Hopefully you entered it in the raw food contest! Sunshiine