How to Decorate Letters - DIY Room Decor

Introduction: How to Decorate Letters - DIY Room Decor

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Transform wood or cardboard letters into DIY room decor. Kids Crafts by Three Sisters shows you how easy it is to personalize any letter with a little paint and scrapbook pager. Display the final result on a shelf or hot glue raffia / ribbon to the back as wall or door decor.

In the spirit of our summer themed scrapbook paper, we made the bottom of our letters resemble grass by using the FolkArt ® Painted Finishes - Dark Moss. The texture is so realistic, it really is like bringing the outside in our house ;-)

PURCHASE FolkArt ® Painted Finishes- Dark Moss here:

So get out there and start crafting!



  • Wood or Cardboard Letter (picked ours up from Target for $1.49)

  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Mod Podge (glue)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Acrylic Paint
  • FolkArt ® Painted Finishes - Dark Moss

  • Folk Art ® Painted Finishes - Brushes

  • Raffia (optional)


Step 1: Watch the Video!

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