How to Decorate Your Home?

Introduction: How to Decorate Your Home?

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10 Quick and Simple Home Decor Tips: You'll Love Them!

If you think that you need to spend ridiculous amount of money to revamp your home interiors, scroll on to find some insanely awesome tips that not only can give your home an elegant makeover but also save you from breaking the bank. These tips fit in budget and are super-easy to manoeuvre a new and all-improved look for your sweet abode.

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Step 1: Upgrade Your Windows:

Except for my laptop's, I never paid attention to the window treatments of hallways and bedrooms. And when I did, I was surprised that how awesome my home looked with only one minor change. It is spring time so I suggest you to go for floral-themes and pastel colors for window treatments. Alternatively, if you have green thumb, you can also go for natural curtains, which can be recycled and are 100% biodegradable. These are usually nude colored and hand-sewn but spell luxury every inch.

Step 2: Refresh Your Home:

Introduce flowers to your home decor. These blooming beauties can brighten up your decor instantly with their cheerful appearance and natural fragrance. Potted plants and flowers from MayaFlowers beautify living space as well as filter indoor air. So, if you want to liven up your home space and want to initiate healthy living, it is the quickest and easiest route available. Balconies, hallways, dining space, kitchen window sills, I cannot think of one area that cannot be perked up with fresh flower bouquets.

Step 3: Frame It

How do you make a moment memorable? Yes, by clicking it. And then? Like every other WhatsApp forwards, it is lying there in your phone or camera. Don't do that to your memories. Especially when these pictures can make your day as soon as you wake up and look at them. Take frames of different sizes and hang them in a passageway or hall. Take a walk down the memory lane and relive those moments every time you see those pictures.

Step 4: Restore

Is your dining table too old? Or you feel that the kitchen cabinets could use some refurbishing? Well, in my case it was both. So, I had them painted and polished. And guess what! They were as good as new! I could have done it myself but I am a lousy handyman. I also had the doors painted in a new color, which changed the look of entire house.

Step 5: Bring Excitement Back in Your Bedroom

Nope. Not that. In the grand scheme of things, this might look an odd thing to do but I would advise you to get inventive with bed comforters, bed sheets and bed covers. Bed linen come in a variety of colors, prints and forms. So, mix-and-match as much as you can and don't hesitate to throw on a pillow sham or fitted bed sheets. After all, bedroom is where you head to after a hard day of work. And it is where you rest, take sleep, relax and do some naughty things with your partner, so make it as exciting and inviting as you can. I say, make it the bedroom of your dreams!

Step 6: Declare Your Home a Clutter-free Zone

How does your home look like? Be it a villa or an apartment, it is very important that it steers clear of clutter. Don't want to quote Feng Shui here but more than positive vibes, you need space to even walk without stubbing your toe. So, folks, dig into the bedroom storage or wardrobe and do it now! Give old clothes to a charity and recycle the rest of it.

Step 7: Scoot Over

What could be a better way to update your home decor than to change the placing of furniture or lighting? C'mon, don't be lazy and try some new positions, instead! ;)

Step 8: Be Creative:

There is nothing like a personal touch to your home. Whenever you have time, don't be afraid to try some easy home decor DIYs. You'll utilize time in a better way as well as learn something.

Step 9: From Rugs to Riches

Accentuate your home with carpets and rugs. This will prolong the life of laminated wooden floor while transforming your home into a seriously stylish place to live in!

Step 10: Recreate Your Walls:

Don't let your wall be just that, a wall. Complement your wall decor with pretty or witty wallpaper designs. Usually, these are easy to remove and you can spruce up your home decor as and when you want and in accordance with your mood. Let's knock home decor worries out with these beautiful and quick home decor tips. Pep up your home and let us know how effective were these!

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