How to Defend Yourself in the Astral Plane - a Complete Guide to Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences - Part Two


Introduction: How to Defend Yourself in the Astral Plane - a Complete Guide to Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences - Part Two

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There are numerous accounts of people being attacked on the astral plane. They can take any form and use any method if attack. In the accounts it is not always clear whether the encounter was sought out or whether the individual was doing anything to attract attention. The amount and type of defence you will need depends on what you are up to. If you are just being a tourist and looking at things you might not need any. If you are setting out to destroy a powerful entity you will need sophisticated, potentially multi-layered defense.

This is part two of three and has 2200 words. I have split the tutorial into three as it is the size of a short ebook.

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Step 1: Preparation

Prepare yourself for the episode; eat a light diet, avoid alcohol and make sure you exercise within the 24 hours before. Open and cleanse your chakras and allow your consciousness to leave your body, rising to the highest plane you can reach. This is the plane with the lightest fastest vibration. You might find it by moving upwards.

When you are there you will know whether what you are doing is the right thing. It is important that you feel no attachment to the outcome of the situation as this will hinder you and make it likely that you will come away laden with negativity which can be very tenacious.

Step 2: ​State of Mind

A pure, focussed state of mind is the best defence against psychic attack. If you carry a large amount of negativity with you, it will be very difficult to project in the first place, but assuming that you manage it you will be a magnet for attack, based on the like-attracts-like rule. This is one of main reasons it is very important to clear your chakras and know yourself before encounters of this type.

Over-involvement with the subject, having a preference about the outcome of the battle or becoming upset will all make the situation worse and attract and worsen attacks. If your chakras are badly blocked and are vibrating at a slower rate with longer wavelengths, you will be more visible to entities in these lower realms. Keep your chakras clean and tidy and keep away when you are blocked up. This means letting go of worldly attachments, ridding yourself of the bottled up emotions from previous traumatic events and meditating regularly to get rid of negativity and heaviness which can accumulate in day-to-day life.

Step 3: ​Avoidance and Distance

Unless you are setting out to engage in combat then avoidance of aggressive beings is the first step. Don't engage with them and move to another area, either on the same plane or preferably on a higher plane. Remember you are the only type of entity who can move in all dimensions from the highest dimension to the lowest. Running away is always the safest option when other options fail.


The way distance works on a plane is similar to the physical plane in that you can move away from a point. If something spots you and you try to run away it may follow you. You are better off teleporting to another point on the same plane, or preferably a higher plane where the entity may not be able to follow you.

A useful option is to use planets and moons as shields and head to the opposite side, in a higher plane. A smaller barren moon such as the Earth's moon is easy to visualise making it easier to visit and you can easily see your enemy coming as there are no distracting life forms. This is a great place to plan your next move. You are much safer attacking from a distance if you can; make the source of the attack separate to yourself and nearer your foe to keep yourself safe. See 'Decoy' and 'Attack'.

Step 4: ​Armour

You can carry a shield or armour simply by willing it into existence. Remember to will it's material strength and characteristics as necessary. You could alternatively decide it is definitely strong enough to withstand any attack. Shielding may require presence of mind to maintain; if you are distracted your shield may fail, particularly if it is complex. This improves with practice. Prioritise effectively in order to keep yourself safe and run if your armour is failing.

Use your imagination to create armour. You can plan it in the physical world before you shift to the non-physical planes. This can allow you more time to get it right. Use your instinct to tell you whether it will help it not. You can create a range of armours for different circumstances based on whichever esoteric or physical concepts you like. If you come under attack and feel vulnerable then retreat to a safe distance and equip yourself with armour which you feel will counter the attack. Use material you know of in the physical world; they have counterparts in the astral world also. For example; energy bolts may be reflected with a shiny metal armour or other mirrored surface.

Rather than defining materials you could define the characteristics of the armour or shield. For example, in the astral dimensions, if you decide that 'This shield will protect me against that entity, reflecting the negative energy it is throwing at me and turning it back on itself' then this will be the case. On the astral plane you don't have your brain with you so you don't think in the same way you do when your consciousness is within your physical body. This means you can't do sums or read, although you can collect information, including images, return to your physical body to interpret them, then take the information back to your astral self.

Step 5: ​Decoy and Attack

If you attack a powerful and intelligent being on another plane it may well target you with a powerful blast of negative energy. Even with powerful shielding this can be very unpleasant and distracting. You will only be able to maintain so much kit at any one time; to generate anything any more complex than the simplest shielding will take concentration and a significant force of will which will be draining and you may only be able to maintain it for a few minutes. Using a decoy can be a very useful tool.

A weapon can be a useful decoy. If you create a remote active weapon or piece of equipment which is of more interest to your foe than you are, it will attack it instead of you. You can retreat to a safe distance and control the equipment remotely using an astral control panel or other device to create a further degree of separation between you and the entity. If you look at the entity directly this could be enough to draw it's attack as it may sense your attention on it. By looking at a control screen you won't attract their attention.

A combined decoy and attack method is to use a team of drones, robots or similar remotely controlled devices to attack a site and draw fire away from yourself. This takes considerable effort, will and energy and you may only be able to sustain an attack for a couple of minutes but it will safely allow you to hit a target hard. This is clearly an advanced tactic for experienced practitioners and requires significant psychic energy, will and concentration.

You may be alerted to a problem by odd or unfortunate events in a certain family or house or you might be able to tell that there are some powerful bad energies at work just by being nearby. Spend some time planning where you will position yourself, ideally nearby and within line-of-sight. Try not to imagine yourself attacking the entities as you may inadvertently let them know what you are going to do; if they are powerful enough to realise they may try to attack you or strengthen themselves against you.

Either way an element of surprise is in in your favour. Design the drones in advance. In the shower, bath or whilst walking to work use a familiar image which you associate with such actions, maybe a robot drone from a film. This will make it easier to continue to visualise them when you are under pressure. Arm them with what feels like the right type of armour and firepower. Complex armour will probably be too difficult to perpetuate in this situation; the drones are there more as a decoy to draw the entities' attack. Have multiple drones so they will be expendable. In any case, as they are created by your willpower and psychic energy so they won't be destroyed in the normal sense of the word.

It is a good idea to lead the attack from a level higher than that which the entities inhabit because;

1) They won't be able to see you but you can see them.

2) You will be lighter, freer, faster and more effective.

3) It will be harder for them to hit you.

Gather your team

If you are planning on using drones or other decoys imagjne them real, standing in front of you. Will them into existence on the plane which you stand on. It's up to you how many units you use. I have used 12. Program them by consciously going over what they need to do whilst concentrating on them. Also generate a remote control console with buttons, a joystick or whatever you feel comfortable using to control them. Command line programmjng can be used but is very difficult as your brain is lying in your house and your projected consciousness has little logical ability. Using simple symbols is a good idea and works well. Controlling remotely via an image on a screen is easier, but you need to be careful because remotely viewing the events on a screen can draw you in to the actual site which can make you vulnerable. It requires even more concentration and willpower to keep a third-person image on the screen as in the higher realms it will tend towards becoming a first person view which might not be safe.

When you feel ready, drop your team into the site. Be aware of what they are doing but visually concentrate on the console. Know that that they are fulfilling heir roles and hitting the targets hard. Use the console in a simple way to control basic Start/Stop functions, mostly as a way to keep you away from the huge expression of complex negative energy which will be happening at the site. Imagine a big hole opening up above the site and all the circulating energy and half-dead ghosts flowing into it and up into the sun where it will all be incinerated and recycled.


If you are setting out to fight on the astral plane hit hard enough with your first blow then you might not need to actively defend yourself. Having said that, even after destroying a powerful entity, or when processing negative energy from another source, you can be affected by stray energy which will attracted to your chakra system, so it is still important to be ready to defend yourself, have defences in position and be aware that this could be a problem. At the very least, a strong, focused ambush will weaken an opponent enough so that any subsequent attack will be weaker. This is a good idea if you are setting out to fight a powerful being. More on Attack in Part 3.

Step 6: ​Camouflage and Reflection

You can hide in or behind anything to disguise your identity, although, like in the physical world, if someone see's you climb in, it's clearly not going to work.

A useful tool is to deflect negative energy or other attack back on the attacker. This can be done with the hands, aura or astral shield and requires some considerable presence of mind, concentration and will power. Make sure the energy hits your assailant rather than looping back into you again.



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