How to Defense From Danger for Women




Introduction: How to Defense From Danger for Women

This page will provide several examples of simple and easy techniques that can be used by women to protect themselves if they encountered any dangerous situation alone. Today, if we watch news on the televisions or the internet, we can see many crimes that make women as their victims. This is because women are physically weaker than men. Thus, they don’t have enough strength to fight and protect themselves when they are in danger.

However, with these easy-to-learn self defense techniques, it will certainly give confidence for women to fight back if they are all of sudden being attack by strangers. Note to women, these technique were not design to bring down your opponent, but to give you a chance to escape from the situation. Please immediately report the situation to the police and they will handle the rest of the case.

There are five techniques given in this page. Don’t worry, they are all easy to be learn. Just have confidence with yourself and you can quickly understand all the steps and use it when necessary.

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Step 1: Wrist Release Movement

Consider this situation for now. You are walking alone in a lonely street. Suddenly, someone appears in front of you and grabs your right hand with his left hand. This is what you need to do.

1. Soon as he grabs your wrist, quickly take your hand into a fist shape.
 • Hold your fist tightly.

2. Twist your right hand in the clockwise motion as hard as you can.
• We do this step is because human arm can’t twist out so far. Thus, at some point, he needs to let go of your hand. But, make sure you put a strong force while twisting his hand.

3.Quickly pull your hand towards you after you have twisted his hand.

4. When your hand is free, run as fast as you can and report it at the police station.

Note: This technique usually use by women when someone grabs their hands because it can be considered among the easiest technique to do. Everything need to be done quickly to make sure of your safety.

Step 2: Eye Gouge

Next technique is called eye-gouging. Eye-gouging is a technique use to press someone eyes by using fingers or any solid objects. This is because eye is one of the fragile parts that you can take advantage when you are in danger.

Again, consider the situation where the attacker grab you from the front of your body and your hands are free at the same time, these are few steps that you can do to save your life.

1. Look directly into his face.

2. Check whether you can reach his head or not.

3. Put your hand on the either side of the attacker’s face.
• Make sure to hold his head tightly.

4. Now, put your thumbs directly into both of his eyes.

5. Press both thumbs into both of his eyes as hard as possible.

6. When he loses his hands around you, hit his head by using your elbow.
• Make sure to him hard.
• Use the tip of your elbow because it can give a strong pain on his face.

7. Run away while he is distracted with pain.

Step 3: Biting Hand

Biting can be considered as a technique that is frequently use by women to save their life when they encounter danger. However, women need to know that biting only is not enough. Thus, I will explain a few extra steps that should be included while escaping from the attacker if they want to use the biting technique.

Please imagine this situation. You are walking and out of nowhere, someone grabs you from the back. His hand is now over your neck. How to escape? These are the instructions.

1. When his hand is tightly around your neck, bite his hand as hard as possible.
• The harder you bite, the greater the chances he will let his hand off of you.

2. Stomp your foot simultaneously while biting his hand.
• With the double pain that he feels, there will be extra chances he will let you go.

3. Immediately hit his stomach with your elbow.

4. When he is grunting from the pain, run as far as you can to save your life.

Step 4: Knee-kick Groin

Kicking the groin area can cause a very serious pain to the attacker, especially when the attacker is a man. If you kick this area hard, it might cause fatality to him. Thus, when you are in a very serious situation, it is encourage for you to use this technique. Besides, this is also one of the fastest ways to escape when you are trapped in danger.

To do this, you need to use all the strength that you have to kick so that it will give a strong impact to the attacker. These are the steps that you need to follow.

1. Again, consider the situation that you are being grabbed from the back, strongly stomp the attacker’s feet with your feet.

2. Hit his stomach with your elbow after that.

3. When he let his hands free, turn your body exactly in front of him.
• Look at his head.
• Check whether you can reach his head or not.

4. Next, grab his head.

5. Pull his head down straight to your knee.

6. Takes few steps back from him.
• Make sure that your body is facing the attacker's body.

7. With all your strength, kick directly to his groin area.

7. Quickly run for help after that.
• Don’t wait! You might be in more danger because you have given him extra pain and he might be so mad with you at that time.

Step 5: Umbrella Attack

Having an umbrella or any other long, solid, and strong object can be extra useful for yourself protection. Not only to protect your body from the rain, but to save your life in a dangerous situation too.

Try to imagine this situation; the attacker is grabbing your neck from the front. Follow these steps.

1. Bring the umbrella around the hand.
• Place it exactly on the arm bend which is the elbow.
• Elbow is one of the crucial points you can use like the eye, to save your life.

2. Now, press the umbrella down at the bend area.

3. Force it fully down towards your waist.
• The attacker’s head will go down if you manage to do this step.

4. When his head is at the lower level, push your umbrella exactly to his throat.

5. When he lost his grip, quickly escape from that dangerous situation.

Note: In the pictures, she used a hard tree twig to replace the umbrella.


Therefore, these are the 5 different techniques that are easy to be followed by women. Though they are easy, these techniques still require some practices. You can spend at least 10 minutes per week to practice these techniques. By doing that, you can get yourself used to them and when you are in the real dangerous situation, you won't be panic anymore.

To make the learning easier, get a partner and start practicing. However, keep in mind that these techniques are just to escape from the danger. Quickly ask for help from the policeman once you have escaped from that dangerous situation.

As an advise, it is better for you to bring friends or anyone else to keep you company while walking outside because the chance of being attacked by stranger is lower in that condition. This is truly important especially for women. No matter where you are, safety always comes first!

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    24 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Don't bother with these you wont remember when the time comes and you will have a false sense of confidence, in all likely hood you will be facing a larger, faster opponent with a naturally greater amount of upper body strength and probably armed. That's the truth. When the time comes your only true advantage will be to be armed with a gun, knife, tazer, pepper spray, keys in that order and even then if your not willing to be aggressive that will be taken from you as well.The best way to avoid losing a fight is to not get into a fight. If you can't, end it by any means necessary it's not a dance, of course weapons first but lacking that bite, gouge eyes(with keys preferably), rip at ears, throw dirt in their face, kick in knee caps, WHATEVER IS NECESSARY. If you can't do those things you don't want to survive as bad as they do. The reason I don't like the above method is that it is to procedural this then that this then that, not the real world you need to be fluid and react without hesitation not with steps that rely on a certain approach by the attacker.Also the attacker is not going to just let you do these to him and probably wont stop even if you pull one off. I don't want you to be in that situation thinking one good move will save you, I want you to relies your out gunned and do what you need to to effectively get away.


    Reply 9 months ago

    I absolutely agree, very few procedural self defence techniques succeed against an aggressive attacker. In order for most of these techniques to work, the attacker must be barely applying any force or resistance.


    7 years ago on Step 2

    I have a better way to get out of this , especially if you can't reach the head

    with one hand , push up one elbow and with the other hand push down the other elbow , it works better if the person push you (because you will be able to throw him away using his own strenght)

    I've learnt this technic at the time I was doing Nin Jutsu and it's the only technic I still know , because I used it 2 times efficiently => Surprise Effect , Very Efficient , Put fear in your ennemy mind (he will think you're way stronger than you look like)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The first few seconds after someone grabs you are when your brain sometime 'freezes' because it can't process the situation fast enough. Same thing happens when someone gets hurt and people just stand around - the brain is trying to figure out what to do. If people practice these moves, sometimes being the aggressor and sometimes being the target, it will help get past that first shock of someone trying to commit assault.

    One thing I've found useful as a woman is to remember to walk confidently. My mother was mugged two blocks from home in a residential area when she was walking home, head down, tired and looking like she was an easy target, and someone took advantage of that. I tell myself I own the ground I walk on (even if it is only my footsteps) and keep my head up and try to be aware of my surroundings.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    like in karaty we are trained not to think but for the movements to flow out which makes you react quicker .


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Also, from the choking position from in the second slide you could launch a kick directly into the males groin. Trust me when i say they will let go immediately. Also, if anyone here wants to learn more about self defense, take a look at Krav Maga.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If you do that or knee an attacker do it not one time but Three times.

    The first time reminds the attacker they have sensitive parts there, the second makes them wish that they didn't and the third time will cause the to lose control of bodily functions and I am VERY sure that NOBODY and I do mean NOBODY wants to fight with soiled underwear on.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    1. if you are grabbed by the collar of you clothes can do any of the following steps.

     a) Take and pivot your body part way to the side of which ever handed you happen to be because that is your strongest side so that one side (your partial profile) is facing your attacker, then take your open hand and shove the attacker directly in the center of their chest, because when you turn it causes your attacker arms to shift and thereby causing their shoulders to shift and be offset and your single arm when it is extended from its side is LONGER than the offset arms of the attacker when they are grasping your collar, [or you can punch them in the center of their chest instead, if they keep coming back and try to grab you again and refuse to stop]{make sure your thumbs are placed OUTSIDE of your closed fingers and covering the first knuckle of your first fingers if your thumbs are on the inside of your fingers you will BREAK your thumbs}

    b) While your attacker is facing and grabbing your collar and pulling you in close you bring you arms up and over your attacker's arms from the OUTSIDE and slam you elbows into the creases of their arms this will cause them to let go do to the force of the strike.

     c) With your attacker grasping you by the collar you take and put your hands together (with your palms inwards with your fingers together so as not to brake them) under their arms as if you are praying and forcefully shove your joined hands upwards in between your attackers arms the force will push the attackers arms outwards to the weak part of their grasp causing them to let go.

     d) If you happen to have a magazine with you carry it rolled up so it is long and slender and hold in the middle of the magazine it will have the same density as a real piece of wood of the same diameter and can be used to jab your attacker in the chest, eye, armpit or throat; it can also be used like the one scenario involving a stick plus you will not draw attention to yourself by the police for carrying a weapon.

    e) With your attacker grasping you by the collar or your throat take and grab your attacker's by their armpit and pinch the muscle area right below the joint this is VERY PAINFUL and will allow you to grab your attacker's wrist and force them to let go with a minimal amount of effort on your part. and hold them all the while still pinching that spot until the police come.


    f) With your attacker grasping you by the collar, you take your attacker by their collar and bash your head right into the bridge of their nose (the space between their eyes) this will break their nose and cause them to get two black eyes and cause them a great deal of pain enough for you to get away.

     g) With your attacker grasping you by the collar, you take your hands and make two fist and smash them down onto their shoulders which is on both sides of the neck between it and the shoulders which will cause them a great deal of pain enough for you to get away.

    2. For the over the shoulder choke style grab.

     a) You take and grab your attacker's thumb with your hand on the side the attacker has grabbed you by and pull it downward (as if you intend to break it) and slightly away from yourself leaving yourself enough room to duck under your attacker's armpit and behind them while still holding onto their thumb and force their arm behind their back and you quickly place your opposite hand onto their other shoulder to keep them from moving away and you shove your foot onto the back of their leg (opposite of the arm which is behind their back) right behind where their leg bends behind the knee forcing their knee to the ground and hold them their until help or the police come.

    b) If you are wearing shoes with either hard leather soles or high heeled shoes you can take and scrape the heel of your shoe down the shin of the attacker or stomp your heel onto the attackers foot and the high heeled shoe will actually pierce their shoe and foot and cause them a great deal of pain enough for you to get away.

    c) If you are wearing high heeled shoes these can be used as LETHAL WEAPONS if held in the hand and I WILL NOT SAY WHERE TO STRIKE ON THE HUMAN BODY BECAUSE I DON'T WANT ANY LEGAL PROBLEMS.

    3. For the headlock scenario.

    a) Which ever side your attacker has the head lock on you, take your opposite arm and swing it behind your attacker then up and over their shoulder and place the part of your hand that is between the wrist and the pinky (called the knife hand in some martial arts) and get it either under your attacker's chin or better yet their nose and lift up this will cause the attacker to focus more on their pain than on you somewhat as you stand more upright take and make a fist with your other hand and strike a hammer style type of a blow to the attacker's stomach region this will cause them a great deal of pain enough for you to get away.

    b) Which ever side your attacker has the head lock on you, take your opposite arm and swing it behind your attacker then up into your attackers armpit and pinch the muscle area right below the joint this is VERYPAINFUL and will allow you to grab your attackers other wrist and force open the headlock with a minimal amount of effort on your part and remain pinching the armpit area until the police come.

     c) Which ever side your attacker has the head lock on you, take your opposite arm and swing it behind your attacker then up between their legs and grab a handful of reproductive parts sorry for the vulgarity but when it is your life on the line lady like proper behavior does NOT apply in this situation it could easily end up in a life and death situation (no witnesses to ID the attacker) and it is better them than you!

    Mods if this goes against any rules than please remove it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The photos in this series are excellent. The attackee did a great job of conveying fear, and why wouldn't she? The attacker's sunglasses made her seem extra scary.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for posting this, it is very informative and well illustrated with your photos. Nicely done!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Girls, before you think those tactics are useful and you decide to rely on them, test them, test them on stronger male, like your brother or some thing.

    I know my Boss took a self defence class, she was still get her hand free if I held her wrist.
    Strength play a big part!!

    Once I saw on TV in such situation you should make log of noise, is there is stuff around you thrown it on the ground, like in a store you have shelves.

    In general you should get attention, only after that you should rely on handling some one your self.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Instructables needs more stuff like this! Great Job!

    Jason Bedard
    Jason Bedard

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Well done. So many instructables require tools or other tangible assets, but an instructable based purely on a skill, brilliant.