How to Design Small Home

In this tutorial you will hopefully learn how to create blueprints good enough to convey what you are trying to build to others who will help you build it. This doesn't have to be limited to a small home. The only reason this is small homes is because they are small, relatively easy to build and design. I tried to scale these designs but they aren't perfect. They do show the lengths. I am using a Boogie Board Blackboard to save paper. That is why the designs are black and greeny yellow. I do suggest buying one. It runs on watch battery's. Each one provides 10,000 erases and the boogie boards are relatively inexpensive. Anyway try to scale things to the best of your ability.

You will need:

6-8 pieces of paper

Flat surface


Step 1: The Outline

First to begin your design you need to make an outline to get a general feel of how big your house will be. It is best to be scaled so you don't accidentally make your bathroom 20 feet by 20 feet. That would be odd. So try your best to scale it.

Step 2: Filling In

Then you need to fill in the outline with rooms, shelves, doors, and anything else you can think of. (Be sure to include a bathroom. I forgot to add a bathroom to my design add had to add it digitally. That is what the off color lines in the picture are.

Step 3: Second Floor

You can have a second floor if you wish. Just draw the outline and fill it in. I have a loft on top of the master bedroom in my design. If you need any assistance just leave a comment. I will try to check every few days.

Step 4: Front and Back

Then you need to design the front, back, and sides of the building. My sides were not going to be fancy so I did not design them. Remember this is a simple design that isn't showing every nail and board and pipe. This is a preliminary design. For piping and electricity you will want an electrician and plumber to be safe.

Step 5: Finished

Remember to add A/C, Heater, and Water Heater and your finished! I hope you like this Instructable. Please leave a comment.



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    5 months ago on Step 4

    You may want to check your roof-line measurements. You have 20 feet as the width of the gable end and 10 feet for each of the gable roof lines... that would be a flat roof!