How to Design XT60 Cover Cap Using Solidworks Software

Introduction: How to Design XT60 Cover Cap Using Solidworks Software

For all fpv pilots or drone guys it is important to travel save with lipos and for those DIY guys who want to make their own 3-D printed XT60 cap cover here is a instructabels how to design it with proper measurment.

For beginners who are using solidworks for the 1st time

you will need solidworks software to design it

Step 1:

1st open your solidworks click on file>New

Step 2:

Double click on parts

Step 3:

click on sketch

Step 4:

Set the parameters in mm,gm,sec

Step 5:

click on sketch

Step 6:

select front plane

Step 7:

click on rectangle feature and draw it

Step 8:

now select smart dimension to give the desire dimension to the rectangle which is 14x6.7mm

Step 9:

now by clicking on line feature and select center line and draw the center line

Step 10:

now select circle and taking center line as reference draw 2 circles and by using smart dimensions set every dimension of circle , distance between them and the distance between the circle

Step 11:

Step 12:

after completing this draw a verical center line and taking this center line as reference draw two line more and set the dimension of these two lines also as shown

Step 13:

this is the basic sketch of xt60 with proper dimensions

Step 14:

now by selecting trim feature delete the unwanted lines the you will get "the final sketch of xt60"

Step 15:

if you extrude it , it will look like this and we don't want holes so from sketch delete the circles for now. but you are mentally prepared what you have to draw later

Step 16:

delete circles

Step 17:

select offset feature and set it to 1cm.

Step 18:

click on feature on the top left and click on extrude

after this give dimension hight of 1.5cm

Step 19:

click on sketch and draw a rectangle bigger than face and draw on face of figure then extrude it and give thickness of 1cm

Step 20:

now click on the surface which you have drawn recent , click on sketch >select line , draw a outer boundary on this rectangle surface, after this draw a big rectangle on the same surface, now click on feature>and click on extruded cut and hit enter after selecting te unwanted area.

Step 21:

final shape

Step 22:

now this time is to redraw those circles , select the surface by clicking on it , click sketch and draw again with proper dimensions.

trick: hit space and click on the surface side you want to see.

Step 23:

now again click the the feature > extruded b0ss/bass , set the same height

but here click on tapper and give a 2 degree so it will form a frustu,

Step 24:

final step

now click on the fillet and give a thickess of 0.2mm and give it every inner joints and corner to give extra strength.

and more fillet thickness approx 3cm-4cm on the outer edges of the shape.

Step 25:

Now this is your final shape which you can convert it into a gcode for 3D printing

Step 26:

Step 27:

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    Very good CAD modeling tutorial. Very detailed and well written.


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    thanx dude