How to Design a SOUND SYSTEM Properly (Top 3 Tricks) -with Measurements


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How to design a SOUND SYSTEM properly (Top 3 tricks) -with measurements

Music.Bass.Rythm. Everyone loves music . We wanna listen different types of music when we are in different modes .Also some of us have the signature genre . But after all they are all music . So for music we need sound system to play those smoothly . And today our topic is on sound system . For implementing a whole sound sytem propery wee need some tups & tricks which can easily boost your sound to the optimum level . For that we just have to complete several tasks .


Step 1: Watch the Full Video to Know the Tricks

There are several points which can boost your sound system . Like Amplifier , transfrmer, connecions, the material we are using for the

sub woofer cabinet ,measurement when making a sub box ,filtering etc. And in this I only talked about these things . That what you really need to upgrade your sound system or how can we make a unique quality sound system . Cause if we make a piece of box without any kinds of measurements then this will not work properly.

Step 2: Watch the Video Tutorial

On the other hand now a days there are a lot of sound system are seen in the market . Even they are also not quality product when they got

very high cos . So if we try to make a sound system in home then I hope this video will help you a lot . Link for the Sub-Woofer design & measurement : So, okay guys I hope you already enjoyed the video.If then please hit the #LIKE button, #COMMENT what you're wishing from us or anything good or bad about this video , #SHARE with your friends ,family & co-workers that they also can get help from you. And if you have any tips for us also then please contact to my #Facebook profile: Reference site : Also share your thoughts about how can we improve .Let us know in the comment box . And another badly request ,"Don't leave us without hitting the #SUBSCRIBE button" . Cause your one #SUBSCRIPTION inspire us to make a new video . So guys adios for today . See you awesome people in the next video :)



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