How to Design an Airplane Model on Tinkercad With Basic Shapes

I designed a simple airplane on tinkercad

Step 1: The Wings

Create a roof. Make the roof as wide as you would like and long as you want. make sure that that the height is very short so that it looks like wings.

Step 2: The Body

Create a cylinder. Make the cylander long but the diamerter of the cylinder shouldn´t be very big.

Step 3: Front

Create a half sphere. Make the base of the half sphere the same diameter as the base of the cylinder. The height of the half circle depends on how pointy you want the tip to be. The rotate it and attach it to the cylinder.

Step 4: Attach the Pieces

Attach all the pieces, and group them.

Step 5: Add Some Decorations



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4 months ago

is it a joke?