How to Dice an Onion Like a Pro!




Introduction: How to Dice an Onion Like a Pro!

Dicing onions without crying isn't a difficult task. All it requires is sharp knife and slicing the onion in a specific way without crushing the cells to release less amino acid sulfoxides. By following these instructions you can keep your eyes drier and safely produce beautiful diced onions in as tiny or as coarse of a dice as you desire. It is easiest, safest way I know of to get beautiful diced onions.

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     When the video was loading I got an error saying that this video no longer exists...

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    When you see an instructable that is incomplete, flag it as incomplete and it will be reviewed.

    Remove the head and feet from the beastie, leaving part of the root end so as to keep it together. Skin it, lay it with the root end up and half it. Lay the half on the fresh cut side and with a sharp knife and your hand on top parallel to the cutting board (No loose fingers unless you're looking to be rid of them) to hold it down as you cut parallel from the bottom, upwards. (Towards the root, stopping 90% of the way through)(1/8 in, 1/4 in, 1/2 in gaps between cuts depending on how big a dice you want.) Then cut equally spaced gaps perpendicular going down the same side you just cut, forming a grid pattern that will result in even cubes when you make the final slices as demonstrated in the video. There are many ways to skin a cat.... errr... onion, just make sure you're being careful, and personally I'd use a bigger knife. Great submission.

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    Poelite, Thanks, and I agree with the bigger knife. Normally you'd use a 10" or 12" chef knife, but it blocked the camera's view too much. I like the smaller knife too, so not a big deal either way. If you ever make a video of the technique you describe, I'd like to see it.

    Um you only diced a quarter of the onion in 30 seconds and a pro doesn't cut an onion like that.

    'Congrats on winning!' I have yet to try this but it is something that I find useful none the less! My relationship with onions is definitely love/hate!

    Great trick. I'm using it and have a slightly better life (not joking ;-) and for this you have my vote.

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    Great laxap. The knife I'm using is a $7 knife that I keep razor sharp. I could have used a 8 - 12" chef knife, but it blocked the view too much. I also have Cutco knifes that I like very much, but more times than not, I reach for one of these rubber handled jobs and hit it on a steel or diamond sharpener about twice a week.

    Excellent. Like how you can mod the onionels (like a pixel but made of onion) by changing either the meridian or parallel cuts. Got my vote.

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    Bruce, "onionels"! LOL Thanks for the vote. Give the technique a whirl and see how it works. The sharper the knife, the better.

    Awesome I always have problems with onions! While this looks like it may take a little longer but much safer and It'll cut smaller.

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    Really like the technique... I cut onions on a cutting board as I ran a very small stream from the faucet and this eliminates any chemicals to the eyes... adding your technique will make it easier... nice work...

    Your way of slicing and dicing that onion is so totally awesome. I have always done it in a very similar fashion although it does appear that your way is better. I do it the almost identically. The only difference is I didn't cut my onion into quarters and I just did it by the half. From now on I will be a follower on this topic and do what it says on the instructions.

    The idea of cutting onions in the manner illustrated worked out amazing well and was used on chili-dogs that very night. It's much easier than trying to get through dynamics, thermo, or fluids LOL! Thanks for the good cut on video! P.S. I have completed fours of coursework in aerospace engineering.