How to Directly Download Audio Tracks From YouTube

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YouTube is a great website where we can enjoy a lot of funny videos, music videos and even video tutorials there. There are a lot of free and paid video downloaders on the Internet, but they merely can download the audio tracks directly.

So what I am going to introduce is the new released feature of Wondershare Allmytube which can easily download the audio tracks of YouTube videos directly.

Step 1: Download and Install the Wondershare Allmytube

Please access the official website and download the Wondershare Allmytube. Double click to install the tool.

Step 2: Download YouTUbe Audio Tracks While Watching YouTube

Actually there are 2 ways to directly download the YouTube audio tracks. When you are watching YouTube videos, there is a pop-up button on the upper right of the video, please simply click the drop-down list and choose "Only Audio", then the tool would help start downloading only the audio tracks immediately.

Step 3: Download YouTube Audio Tracks by Pasting URL

Another way is to copy the YouTube Video's URL and then click the "Paste URL" drop-down button and select "YouTube MP3", then the tool would start the work.

Step 4: OK, Done!

But please remember, do NOT download the audio for commercial use and do NOT download the illegal files. OK, it's time to enjoy yourself : )



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