How to Disable the Annoying Led of a Audio Technica AT2020USB+

This instructable will show you how to disassemble the microphone Audio Technica AT2020USB+ to access the annoying blue led.

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Step 1: Remove the Tape to Access the Screws Behind

Step 2: Remove the 3 Screws to Be Able to Pull of the Top Part of the Microphone

Step 3: Beware: There Is Only a Short Cable Inside, Don't Pull Too Hard

Step 4: Remove the Next 3 Skrews and Then Slightly Pull the Circuit Board Out

Its only glued to with a tape on the top, so you have to pull a bit harder to get this done.

Step 5: Bam, Now You Can Put Some Tape on the Led and Screw Everything Back Together

I used red tape to make the led light invisible to me.



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