How to Disassemble an Electronic Circuit for Useful Parts

Let's take apart some electronic board, computer motherboard for example. We wish to get electrolytic capacitors, chip parts (capacitors, transistors, microcircuits, ...), plastic plugs and sockets, ... - all parts in general.


Relevant tools: hot air gun (big, for construction works), soldering iron, tweezers, spatula, mittens.

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Step 1: Main Techniques

Start to unsold those delicate big components that have two wires through the board. Electrolytic capacitors in particular. Use a soldering iron with "knife"-type tip (K-type).

Similar by means of the soldering iron with a "screwdriver"-type tip (D-type) and tweezers we can draw out gilded pins one by one. Before it you should to remove the plastic parts of such connectors.

Then to get a plastic slot (PCI, DIMM) draw it with a hand heating the board on the other part with a hot air gun.

When all plastic parts are extracted we can start to remove the residual chip components massively. Use the hot air gun and when the solder looks welded hit the board over a table. Another technique - scrape off with a spatula.

Step 2: Video

"Total Unsoldering" video - how do they do it. A video is worth a thousand pictures.

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