How to Disassemble a VCD Player?

Hi everyone, this is my first project and it is also my homework. So, say hi to my teachers.

-Let's find your victim (a vcd player) and start.

(I found it at my parent's home. I watch all my childhood movies with this device. So, it is a little bit special for me. Let's explore and have fun together)

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Step 1: Operation Tools

-2 Different Screwdriver

-A Pliers

Step 2: Finding Screws

-First, Analyze your device.

-Then, Check positions of screws and cables.

Step 3: Let's Break Into Pieces

-Screw off all.

-Get ready for use some power!

-Get rid off your device's top part.

Step 4: Explore Cd Rom Part

Let's analyze your device's CD rom.


-The engine that rotates the CD.

-The engine carrying laser head.

-The engine that opens and closes the lid and moves the tray carrying the CD.

Step 5: Brain!

So, This is your device's logic control card.

It has:

-->Integrated image processing and logic control.


Step 6: Wow! Motherboard

So, This is your device's motherboard.

It has:

-->Audio and video outputs.

-->Supply circuit.

Step 7: Transformers!

-This is your device's Power Transformer.

Step 8: Front Side

Finally, the last part!

-This is your device's front panel.

-It uses for transmit connection between front panel's buttons and motherboard.

Step 9: Not a Garbage!

-Don't waste your device's electronic parts.

-Use them for create something new!

-Just try and enjoy.

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