How to Divide a Room in Minutes

Introduction: How to Divide a Room in Minutes

Perfect for any dorm, studio, house, or apartment; Room Divider Kits provide a great way to divide and conquer any space up to 10 feet wide in minutes! Each kit includes a Tension Rod and Room Divider. Room Divider Kits are available in four colors (White, Graystone, Mocha, Black) and the Tension Rod extends from 5 feet 6 inches to 10 feet.  Please visit our website for more information:

*These instructions summarize the steps covered in the how to video:

1)  Grab the small allen wrench from your RoomDividersNow tension rod room divider kit
2)  Unwind the end cap of the tension rod
3)  Slide the room divider over the tension rod
4)  Grab the tension rod end cap and allen wrench once again
5)  Tighten the end cap back to the tension rod
6)  Now its time to hang the divider!  Push one end of the rod firmly against the wall
7)  Twist the tension rod away from your body to extend the rod to the desired length
8)  Twist the rod until it is angled one foot below it's actual end placement
9)  Push the rod upwards until it holds at the desired location firmly
10)  Pull down on the rod to make sure the room divider is secure
11)  3 Tug Test Time!!!  Pull down on the room divider 3 times to make sure it is secure

And there you have it!  In minutes you just created privacy and space.

*If smudge marks appear on the wall after the tension rod is pushed upwards this can easily be cleaned off with a wet rag.

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