How to Do Awesome Prediction Magic Trick

Introduction: How to Do Awesome Prediction Magic Trick

About: It's me! Sean the magical weeaboo!!! So I am a weeaboo magician who posts tutorials here to help teach those interested in magic who want to learn more about it and become a magician themselves. Some of my ...

In this video I will teach you how to do a really mind blowing prediction magic trick with a pack of cards, a notepad and a cup. the method of this trick is not too hard and is fairly easy to do. With some practice you should be able to blow some peoples minds in no time! If you are new to this channel make sure to subscribe because I upload lots of these type of magic tutorials all the time. also make sure to turn notifications on so you can be notified of my future posts. my goal at this point is 300 subs and 50 likes on this video. help me reach my goal!The Idea of this trick is you will ask somebody to pick a card. then you will go to make a prediction, when you make your prediction you will pretend you messed up and rip up the prediction. after you do this you will be able to magically restore the paper with the correct card prediction on it as well. If you master this trick you should receive amazing reactions from it.

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