How to Do Brazilian Knot Extensions



Introduction: How to Do Brazilian Knot Extensions

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Lets learn how to do the Brazilian knot extension method! In this video Doc will show you how to do this easy and long lasting extension installation!

For this tutorial you will need:

Follow along in the video for step-by-step instruction!

Step 1: Section

Using your clips, isolate a small section of hair.

Step 2: Add Hair

Match the extension hair to the section, leaving the ends protruding at the roots.

Step 3: Secure

Cut a section of matrix thread, and hold one side with the hair, while wrapping the bundle with the free side. Wrap toward the scalp. Using the free end, create three single sided knots.

Step 4: Knot

Create three single sided knots with the other side of the thread. Next, tie both of the thread sides together three times.

Step 5: Cut

Cut away the excess extension hair from the root area. Repeat this method until you have reached your desired style.

Step 6: Removal

Cut along the thread until it releases. Unravel the thread and pull away the extension hair.



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