How to Do Cool Card Trick Called Cut #magictutorials


Introduction: How to Do Cool Card Trick Called Cut #magictutorials

About: I an a magic creator that believes that there is not enough new magic being taught for free. It is mainly all the old stuff that is being taught so I decided to create a youtube channel where I teach my own ...

here is a really cool magic trick you can try on your friends called cut! this trick is really cool! you can cut to any card you want under impossible situations! The deck can be shuffled by the spectator for as long as you want! This magic trick has brought me tons of cool ideas! This trick can be used in so many different ways! cut to any card, any time, any where. I highly recommend you try this cool magic trick out even though the trick is not necessarily a opener or closer effect. If you can find a time for a trick like this, you should put it in!



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