How to Do Crazy Mentalism Magic Trick Dead or Alive

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Here is how to do a really cool mentalism magic trick where you can be blindfolded the entire time and be able to predict which written down name is a dead person and which one is a alive person.

Step 1: What You Need

4 thick papers. (cue cards work well)

a sharpie.

a glue stick.

a blindfold of some sort.

Step 2: Glue

glue 23 of the cue cards together.

Step 3: Blindfold

tell the spectators you are going to blindfold yourself and do so.

Step 4: Dead Person

plaice the glued together one on top then invite a spectator to write the name of one dead person on the first cue card and fold it up and plaice it on the upper left of the table.

Step 5: Mix

ask the spectator to mix the cue cards.

Step 6:

Tell the spectator to write the name of a alive person on the next two and plaice one in the upper middle and upper left.

Step 7: Finally

ask the spectator to plaice each cue card on your hand one by one. (you secretly scan for which one is heavier) For added effect whatever one was heavier ask them "can you plaice that one on my hand one more time please?" and then reveal that it is in fact the dead person.



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