How to Do Laundry at Morehouse College

Introduction: How to Do Laundry at Morehouse College

Today you will learn how to do laundry at Morehouse College.

Step 1: What You Will Need to Do Your Laundry.

To do laundry, just like doing it anywhere else you are going to need some type of debit or credit card, detergent, fabric softner or dryer sheets, bleach if needed, and of course a washer and dryer.

Step 2:

First you are going to sort your laundry out. Put the whites with whites, light clothing together, and dark clothing together.

Step 3:

When you are done sorting the clothing out, insert each set you have into separate washers. Make sure you don't insert whites with dark or lights because you do not want the color from the dark and light clothing to bleed onto the whites.

Step 4:

After you insert the clothing and shut the washer door, on the top right it is going to be a tray that you pull out. On that tray there is letters A, B, C, and David. A is for prewash detergent (if you use), B is for main detergent, C is for bleach (only for white clothing), D is for fabric softner.

Step 5:

After you have inserted your detergent and things and the tray is closed, it is important to remember what number washer you have.

Step 6:

In order to start your machine you have to use your card at a paying machine and swipe it and quickly remove it.

Step 7:

After you insert and remove your card this menu should pop up. When it does your going to click start a machine.

Step 8:

When you click start a machine another option will show which says washer or dryer. You are going toc washer.

Step 9:

You remember when I said you are going to have to remember the number of your washer? This is why, it is going to ask you what number machine you want to start and you are going to pick the number of your machine and press ok.

Step 10:

After you click the number machine you would like to start it is going to show you how much you are being charged. You then press ok.

Step 11:

When you press ok you have to go back to your machine and choose what temperature you want your clothing to wash on and press start or else your machine will not begin it's cycle.

Step 12:

When your laundry is finished washing, which it should take 30 minutes, you are going to take the clothing out of the washer and insert them into the dryer.

Step 13:

You do not have to do this step but it is something I do. After you put your clothes in the dryer add some dryer sheets to the dryer.

Step 14:

Most of these last steps are going to be a repeat of what you did with the washer. You need to remember your dryer number.

Step 15:

You are going to insert and remove your card quickly again into the paying machine.

Step 16:

You are then going to click start a machine once again.

Step 17:

The option of washer and dryer will pop up again, this time instead of what you will choose dryer.

Step 18:

Next you are going to click the number dryer you put your clothing in and press OK just like you did with the washer.

Step 19:

After you choose your dryer number once again the amount it is charging will pop up and how long it will run for, you just press ok.

Step 20:

The last and final step, you choose what temperature you want your clothes to dry on and press start. When they are done dying your laundry process is over.

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