How to Do Magic Trick With Small Cards

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this indestructible will show you how to do a cool magic card trick with small cards. For this trick you will need really small cards and by that I mean small enough to fit inside the rim of a hat.

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Step 1: What You Need

very small deck of cards (small enough to fit in rim of a hat) maby measure your hat rim before buying the cards.

a hat

deck of cards

Step 2: Setup Part 1

draw a x on the small king of diamonds (both sides) and put the big king on the bottom of the deck.

Step 3: Setup Part 2

plaice small cards in rim of hat.

Step 4: Force the King of Diamonds on the Spectator

forcing a card is when you force the spectator to pick a certain card. (learn how to do this in the video)

Step 5: Hat

mention to the spectator "I think I got a little something in my hat". Take it off/ show it "empty". tell the spectator "I dont see anything" than lift it upside down and shake the cards on the table.

Step 6: Finally

let the spectator look through the small cards to find a x on the king of diamonds.



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