How to Do Magic Trick With a Borrowed Deck of Cards




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in this instructable I will show you how to do a really cool beginner card trick that you can do with a borrowed deck of cards. if you are new to magic than I highly reccomend you watch the video as you will get a better idea of how to pull off this trick. with that out of the way here is the steps to do this trick.

Step 1: Shuffling the Pack

borrow a deck of cards from the spectator [or use your own] but before you do so ask them to shuffle the deck of cards.

Step 2: The Predictions

after the spectator has thoroughly shuffled the deck of cards, take the deck from them, spread through the deck, and pull out 3 prediction cards. your prediction cards are going to be the 3 soul mate cards of the bottom 3 cards. for example if the cards on the bottom 3 cards were king of spades, 3 of hearts, and 7 of diamonds your predictions should be king of clubs, 3 of diamonds ans 7 of hearts.

Step 3: The Sleight of Hand

Here comes some sleight of hand. if you are new to magic I highly reccomend that you check out the video as you will get a way better idea on how to do this but any ways here is what you will do.

you must first get a break on the bottom card. [picture 1] then start to thumb off some cards into your hand while asking the spectator to say stop whenever they want. [picture 2] when they call stop, bring the pile in your hand under the deck of cards and drop the bottom card onto the pile. then put the pile next to that prediction card. repeat this for all 3 piles.

Step 4: The Finally

at this point all the sleight of hand is done. DO NOT FLIP OVER ALL THE CARDS AT ONCE! to make this a really strong magc effect you must take it slowly. you must very dromatically and slowly flip over all the cards one by one to show how they all match your predicton. the worst thing you could ever do at the end of a trick is rush the finally. GOOD LUCK!



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