How to Do Magic Trick With a Coin and a Hat

Introduction: How to Do Magic Trick With a Coin and a Hat

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this indestructible will teach you how to do a cool magic trick where you can pull as many giant coins out of a ordinary hat as you like. this trick is not easy but also not that hard. It is a good trick to learn for any beginners wanting to take the next step into the magic world.

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Step 1: What You Need

1) a hat

2) a giant coin (you can buy this online or at a local magic shop)

Step 2: Palm

put the coin in thumb palm (shown above)

Step 3: Reach

hiding the coin reach into your hat

Step 4: Pull

release your palm and "pull out the coin".

Step 5: Pocket

pretend to put it in your pocket but actually reset the palm using your pocket as cover.

Step 6:

repeat the process many times (not too much or they will catch on)

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