How to Do Maglite 18650 Battery Conversion




Introduction: How to Do Maglite 18650 Battery Conversion

The Maglite have body accepts two D-Cell batteries which are somewhat shorter long than an 18650 cell. With a specific end goal to renew this practice it is important to oblige the additional length from utilizing two 18650 batteries. The 18650 cells are much narrower than a D-Cell while pressing a few circumstances the vitality thickness and require a strategy for holding them set up to guarantee legitimate electrical contact.

Step 1: Bending the Spring

Luckily and for the most part, unexplainable reasons Maglite chose to utilize a spring that is very long and has correspondingly expanded the length of the host body. By turning the spring around and bending the first turn of the base of the spring internal and upward marginally, it would be the ideal length to reach the 18650 cells while not squeezing so hard as to bring about harm.

Having swapped the old-world radiant bulb for a more present day voltage regulated LED module a long while back there was no longer any need to carry an additional as the LED will probably out-experience the other parts like the switch.

The long side of the spring makes it stand out a bit when flipped around however once weight is set in the spring by reaching the 1865 cells the spring sits flush inside the inward ring of the end top. The choice was made not to trim or modify the long side of the spring to hold the first similarity with D-Cell batteries.

Step 2: Battery Holder

The 18650 battery cells being much thinner than the first D-Cell batteries required a custom holder for use in the Maglite. Proprietors of 3D printers will promptly observe an approach to enhance this manufacturing strategy for cardboard and super paste. This technique is gone for reusing.

Build a solitary bit of substantial non-creased cardboard roughly 4.75" x 8" moved into a tube around some extra 16850 cells for size reference. The fit ought to be cozy however not packing to such an extent that the cells turn out with a slight push. Finally, two longer portions of cardboard roughly 1.25" x 20" moved around the primary tube close to the top and the bottom. The last ought to be registered for fitting with the host body and trimmed as essential relying upon the thickness of the cardboard being utilized.

Step 3:

Any individual who has rescued pretty much any rechargeable battery will have seen that these cells, for the most part, don't have the little mound on the positive side like a routine AA or D-Cell battery. Therefore it is important to either patch tabs on the batteries or utilizes bits of metal to make contact required. A thin piece is included between the two cells and a more D-Cell style bump one for the top. Beforehand having fastened little protuberances on to rechargeable cells is found that after some time the weld stains and prompts to debase electrical contact and requires regular cleaning. The aluminum foil looks significantly less expert by correlation however it won't discolor like the weld and by not utilizing bind.

At long last embed the batteries into the holder and the holder then inside the glimmering light prepared for the end top. The 18650 cells are so light in contrast with the first D-Cell batteries that the blazing light feels as though it has no batteries at all making it less demanding and less tedious to hold for drawn out stretches of time. The 18650 cells have a few circumstances the life-traverse of the D-Cell batteries.

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    What LED can I use and is a driver required. I have a 3-15 Volt driver with a maximum rating of 10 watts


    Question 14 days ago on Step 3

    What LED can I use and does it require a driver? I have a driver rated at 3-15 Volts DC with a maximum rating of 10 watt.


    2 years ago

    Dude the 18650 is 3.7 Volt each cell while the Alkaline ones are only 1.5. How is this going to end up ? connected in series youll end up with 7.4Volt instead of 3V . Im no expert but it might damage your electronics ?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I hate to do this, but did you not see the part about:

    more present day voltage regulated LED module?

    Just saying, read, don't skim over the details.


    3 years ago

    What a great conversion!