How to Do Quilling Square Vortex Coil




Introduction: How to Do Quilling Square Vortex Coil

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Quilling square vortex coils is a bit more challenging than quilling the basic vortex coils. You can use any type of quilling paper and which size you like. I like using shredded papers that is 3mm x 297mm. I also tried using quilling strips that I cut mysefl.

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Step 1: Step by Step Video Tutorial on How to Make the Quilling Square Vortex Coils

Here's a step by step video tutorial on how to make those quilling square vortex coils. Hope you will have fun making them! :)

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    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    What do you do with vortex coils? I learned to make them and want to do something with them. Thanks