How to Do Sun, Star N Moon Nail Art Design



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Create a 'wow' look for your nails with this exquisite Sun Star and Moon Nail Art. Embrace this style for creating that super alluring appeal and rustic persona that you can flaunt everywhere you go.


Step 1: Apply Base Color

Start with Applying the Golden Base Color for the Nail.

Step 2: Draw the Sun

Now Use Black Color for Drawing the Sun and Its Out Flowing Rays in the Center of the Nail.

Step 3: Draw the Outlines

Again Using the Black Color, Draw the Outlines of a Star and Then Fill It Up with the Same Color.

Step 4: Draw the Moon

Thereafter Make a Crescent Moon on Third Nail in a Similar Way by First Drawing the Outline and Filling It Up with the Same Color Only.

Step 5: Draw Traditional Design

Furthermore for Making a Nice Traditional Design Start with a Checkered Pattern at the Tip by Suing Stamping Nail Art. Again Make Parallel Lines with Zig-Zag Pattern to Give a More Sophisticated Look.Draw Dots to Add Oomph Factor.

Step 6: Final Look

For the Next Nail, Again Make Different Pattern in "Lines" Form with the Help of Black Color Representing a Traditional Fabulous Design. Finally Use Different Glitter Gems and Stickers for Further Decorating Your Nail Art.

Your ultra stylish, super creative and exclusive nail art is ready. Exhibit this trendy style to your party or friends meet out and turn out to be a sure shot head turner.

Your elegant and fashionable Chess Board Nail Art design is set to rock on your nails. Carrying a stupendous and classic charm, this nail art also matches with a lot of your trendy costumes. So stop waiting and start painting this contemporary design now with this simple tutorial.



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