How to Do Triple Jump

This will teach you how to do triple jump.

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Step 1:

Find a long area (about ten meters) of grass with a soft landing like sand or go to your local jumping pit.

Step 2:

Nearing the pit, there are three lines, you will start your hop on the middle line.

Step 3:

Go to the end of the area (not the sand side) and start your run off slow (jog) and by the time you hit the marker you should be in full sprint (fast).

Step 4:

When you hit the board hop off of one foot, driving your other knee to the sky.

Step 5:

When you land (on the same foot you took off of) take a large step.

Step 6:

Now take the foot that you stepped with and take a big jump (into the pit) landing on both feet with your arms pointing forward, (this is basically a hop, step and a jump)

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