How to Do a Distressed FishTail Braid



Introduction: How to Do a Distressed FishTail Braid

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A fishtail braid is essentially a braid made with with just two pieces of hair instead of three. Here we show you how easy it is to get this look.


1. Tie Hair into a Ponytail: Use a clear elastic and divide the ponytail into 2 segments.

2. Pull Small Pieces into Braid From Each Side: Take a small strand from outside of one strand and drag it across to other strand. Pull tight and keep the two main strands separated. Don't worry if it looks messy, the look here is ultimately distressed.

Tip: Use smaller segments to hair for a more dramatic fishtail braid.

3. Continue Braiding Until Done.

Tip: Purchase a fake ponytail at a beauty supply store to practice on.

4. Add Distress and Finish Up: Tie off the braid with elastic and snip the upper elastic. Pull at braid a bit to create a distressed look.

Tip: Apply an anti-frizz or polishing product to finish.

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