How to Do a Scorpion

Introduction: How to Do a Scorpion

About: Hey guys! Please be sure to check out and vote for my instructibles, "Nail polish organizer" and "Cactus terrerium".

This instructible will teach you how to do a scorpion. Please make sure to check out and vote for my other instructibles "nail polish organizer" and "cactus terrerium"

Step 1: Grab Your Leg and Pull It Up by Your Waist

Step 2: Put One Hand a Little Bit Above Your Ankle and the Other Hand Grabbing Below Your Toes

Step 3: Pull Your Leg Up and Around Until It Is Stretching Above Your Head



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    You forgot to write what magic words you have say to get from step two to step three. That's assuming you can get to step Two without toppling over!

    For me that would already be step 3 - ouch.

    pretty sure step ONE would lead being driven to the hospital with a busted knee.

    I think the dog has the right idea. Find somewhere warm and comfortable to sit/lay. Then give that exact look to anyone attempting to get you to try this.

    GG, don't get discouraged by us old folks. We're just cranky cause we didn't get our naps and meds :-)

    lol all you have to do is try!! I would love to see pictures of you all attempting this

    Lol, that would be a rather undignified picture! I studied Tang Soo Do when I was a teen. One of our warm-up stretches was to sit on the floor, one leg extended and the other tucked in, then reach forward and grasp the toes of the extended foot. At that time I was able to lean all the way forward and put my forehead on my knee. I remember hearing all the grunting and groaning all around the room and thinking, "How does a person let themself get that way?"....

    Well, now I'm there, lol.

    But really, good Instructable! I don't recall anyone else posting a how-to on gymnastics... that's pretty cool! And seriously keep up with it! It will keep you from getting like the rest of us ;)

    Lol that sounds hard! Thanks! I think I saw one or two people doing gymnastics instructibles, and that's what inspired me me to do one. :)

    But I definitely am going to keep doing gymnastics, as I want to be a gymnastics instructor when I get older.

    and thanks for the awesome comment!!!!!

    If anyone has something gymnastics/ dance related that they want me to post, I will make an instructible on it. Well, if I know how to do it. :)

    Actually I'm mid 50s and practice Shotokan since more than 10 years now. Before that absolutely no sports for more than 30 years. Meanwhile I have the 4th Kyu (which is not too bad at all) and I know that my rusted joints will do it to step one. But even step 2 is sketchy for me. Would probably be different if I did not have that sports-pause in between ;-)