How to Do a Simple Magic Trick With Playing Cards

By: setone04

Step 1: Shuffle the Cards

Step 2: Memorize the First 2 Cards and the Last 2 Cards

Step 3: Have the Spectator (the Person You Are Doing the Trick On) Pick a Card

They will most likely pick from the middle, but it helps to memorize the position of the first 2 and last 2 cards in case they do pick one of the ones you memorized.

Step 4: Have the Spectator Inspect the Card and Then Place It on the Top of Your Deck

Step 5: Cut the Deck in Half and Place the Bottom Half of the Deck Onto the Top Half, Sandwiching the Spectator's Card in Between the Cards You Memorized

Step 6: Cut the Deck, Like Step 5, a Few More Times

Don't do it too many times, because you might split the cards you memorized, ruining the trick.

Step 7: Search the Deck for the 4 Cards You Memorized

In between the 4 cards you memorized, there should be the spectator's card



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