How to Do a Traditional Chinese Makeup (Wu Meiniang)




Introduction: How to Do a Traditional Chinese Makeup (Wu Meiniang)


We all know that a good makeup can give you a better mood and make you feel more confident. So it is why I want to introduce this tutorial to you. If you have already watched the Empress of China, a Chinese drama: Wu Meiniang, I believe you would fall in love with the Meiniang makeup. If you have not watched it yet, I provide a picture here for you.

Speak of Wu Meiniang makeup, I would like to introduce traditional Chinese makeup to you. You can wear this makeup to attend Chinese New Year party, a costume ball, or even for Halloween party. This makeup will make you become the star in parties. Additionally, you will learn some tips for daily makeup and some good produtcs that I always use. To learn this tutorial better, I would like to say it will be easier if you have makeup experiences before. For beginners, you may need some basic makeup tutorial online. (I will attach 2 YouTube Channel links in the troubleshooting section at the end.) This makeup will only take me less than 20 minute, even less sometimes. So I believe everyone can finish this makeup within 20 minutes after practices.

Let’s take a look of all the tools and products you will need first.

Tools and Products:

1 Face Primer

2 Spray Foundation

3 Eyebrow Powder Set

4 Eye primer

5 Lipstick

6 Eye Shadow

7 Eyeliner

8 Mascara

9 Eyelash Curler

10 Foundation Brush

11 Eye Shadow Brush #1

12 Eye Shadow Brush #2

13 Lip Brush

Optional: Business Card/ Plastic Spoon, Napkin Paper, Powder Foundation.

There are 9 major steps, and I will provide minor steps and tips below each major step.

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Step 1: Apply Face Primer and Foundation.

  • Apply the Face Primer on your clean face to make sure your makeup can last longer. (Figure 3)
    • Tip 1: I choose green primer because I have a rubicund skin and the green primer can help me correct my skin tone. You can choose your own color based on your skin tone. (Figure 1)
  • Keep your Spray Foundation 15-20 cm from your face for spraying. (If you only have a regular foundation, just apply it on your face as the same way you applying the primer). (Figure 5)
    • Tip 2: A Spray Foundation is very easy to use and easy to blend out. I really recommend this product.
  • Use Foundation Brush to equally blend the Foundation on your face.

Chinese Aesthetics: Have you ever seen some white china plates? Yes that is the skin color that ancient Chinese women dream to have. It is more popular to get tan in recent years in China, but still not a common choice for Chinese girls. So please use the most light/white foundation that you have to do a traditional Chinese makeup.

Step 2: Draw a Long Eyebrow.

  • Use Brow Powder to fill your brow and drag your eyebrow to a little bit longer than what you usually do.
    • Tip 1: Find the best distance between your eyebrows. If the distance equal to the width of your nosewing, your nose bridge will look like taller.
    • Tip 2: You can follow the instruction on the Eyebrow Powder Set to draw your eyebrows. (Figure 5)
  • Do NOT draw a obvious arch of your eyebrow.
  • Highlight your brow ridge. (Figure 3)

Chinese Aesthetics: Ancient Chinese women like long eyebrows which can make their face look smaller.

Step 3: Apply Eye Primer and Eye Shadow.

  • Apply Eye primer on your eyelids before you do anything of your eye makeup. As the Face Primer, the Eye Primer can help you keep your makeup longer.
  • Draw dark brown color eye shadow by Eye Shadow Brush #2. (Figure 2 & 7)
    • Tip 1: The dark brown eye shadow should be drawn close to the roots of your eyelashes and filled in your double eyelids.
  • Draw light brown color eye shadow by Eye Shadow Brush #1 (The angle brush). (Figure 3 &7)
    • Tip 2: The light brown eye shadow should be applied in a larger area on you eyelids to soft the edge of the dark brown color.

Step 4: Strong Your Eye Lines.

  • Draw black inner eyeliners on the root of your eyelashes by Eyeliner.
  • Apply black outer eyeliners above the roots of your eyelashes on your eyelids by Eyeliner.
  • Fill in the blanks between your inner eyeliners and outer eyeliners.
  • Drag long and up at the corner of your eyes.
    • Tip 1: I use liquid Eyeliner because it can make my makeup last longer. But it maybe a little bit hard for beginners. For beginners, I suggest to use eye pencils first and then change to liquid eyeliners after you get how to draw a good eyeliner.

Chinese Aesthetics: Please drag long and drag up your eyeliners. It will make your eyes look more going upwards. And you will get praises about having a classic Chinese eye makeup.

Step 5: Apply Mascara.

  • Curl your eyelashes by Eyelash Curler before you apply Mascara.
  • Choose black Mascara and apply it.
    • Tip: You can use a business card or a plastic spoon to help you keep the Mascara away your eyelids. (Simply cover your eyelids by the business card or the plastic spoon)

Step 6: Apply Lipstick.

● Choose bright red color Lipstick and apply it on your lips by a Lipstick Brush.

After this step, you are ready to go outside. It is a good makeup for school or work.

Chinese Aesthetics: Use RED color, not purple, not pink, not coral, not ... Red is the color of China, and wearing red lips is a key element of traditional Chinese makeup.

Step 7: Draw the Pattern on Your Forehead.

  • Use Lipstick Brush and bright red color Lipstick to draw a pattern.
    • Tip 1: It may look like hard to draw, but actually it is very easy to follow the picture. And you may change to other pattern that you like too.
    • Tip 2: Use a napkin paper after you draw the pattern. Press the napkin paper on the pattern to dry it.

Step 8: Apply Powder Foundation. (Optional)

  • Tip: This step can make your makeup last longer.

Step 9: Make Your Own Hair Style. (Congratulations! Here Is the LAST STEP!)

  • I just put down my hair bang, and it looks good with my makeup style. But you can choose your own hair style, or you can search for tutorial of making Chinese hair style online. (You can also go to the final page of this instruction, and use the link I provided to search)

Step 10: Conclusion and Troubleshooting

WOW~ It looks good, right? Now you can rock the parties with this pretty Chinese makeup. Believe me that you can get this faster after practices and you will look better than me!!

Here are two YouTube Channel links for you to learn some basic makeup skills and also hairstyle skills. Either beginners or masters can check these links out.

Michelle Phan (makeup, beauty):

Bubzbeauty (makeup, hairstyle, beauty):

At the end, remember to be confident! Don't let the makeup wear you. You WEAR it!

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