How to Do an Easy French Twist

Introduction: How to Do an Easy French Twist

About: We believe StyleUnited is the first ever truly personalized, head-to-toe, online beauty and fashion platform. We connect women to their full style potential using these innovative tools: *Style 360 -- A pe…  You don't need to go to a salon to do a lovely french twist. Here's how to do it yourself. You'll need a boar bristle brush, hair spray, bobby pins for this look


1. Brush Hair to One Side: Pin with 2-3 bobby pins in the middle of your head at the back. Pull out tendrils in the front for a softer look

2. Brush Hair from Other Side: Comb hair back from the other side.

3. Twist and Pin: Flatten hair over thumb and twist as you lift up. Pin.

4. Make a Knot: Tie hair above the twist into a gentle knot and pin.

5. Finish with Hairspray: Use a liberal amount of hairspray. We recommend Pantene Classic. Pin back tendrils for a more polished look.

TIP: Buy bobby pins to match you hair color.

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