How to Do an Explosion With Muriatic Acid and Aluminium Foil

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How to make an Hydrochloric acid bomb. It didn't go as I expected, the gas explosion was bigger than I expected and there where too much toxic smoke on the area an it trap me, but it is amazing!

Never do this, it is very dangerous. It is only a demonstration.


  • Hydrochloric acid (Muriatic acid)
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cola plastic bottle (2 liters)

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Step 1: Fill 1/6 of the Bottle With Aluminium Foil

Bottle has to be empty. You need the cap. Open de bottle and fill 1/6 of the bottle with aluminium foil balls.

Make small ball, the smallest the best.

Step 2: Pour Muriatic Acid on the Bottle

Pour muriatic acid on the bottle until the balls are submerge.

Use gloves and eye protection. Make sure the acid is no hot. Should be at low temperature 15-20ºC max or the reaction will start very fast and you will not have time to run.

Step 3: Put the Cap on the Bottle

Put the cap on the bottle. Do not take too much time, go fast. Squeeze it tighten.

Step 4: Shake the Bottle (optional)

To help the acid to get into the aluminium foil and speed up the reaction shake the bottle.

If you see that the bottle starts to swell, run as fast as you can, it is going to explode imminently.

Step 5: Run Away 10 Meters at Least

Run away 10 meters at least and wait for the explosion.

Do it only in ventilated areas. The gas is toxic.

Step 6: Explosion

Wait until the explosion occurs. Do not get close until it explodes. If it do not explode wait several minutes.



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