How to Do the Condom on the Tailpipe Prank

Here's a new take on the old "banana up the tailpipe" prank, made famous by Eddie Murphy in "Beverly Hills Cop". If you have a spare condom, and want to spread a bit of discord among your friends, then this is the prank for you. It doesn't cause any damage, but be warned, you get a heck of a bang.

Step 1: Putting on the Condom

Unwrap the condom and roll it down the tailpipe. We want it secure, so don't be shy.

If your using a lubricated condom, consider adding some sellotape to stop it flying off when the engine starts.A bit of advice that could save us all some trouble.

Adding a bit glitter to the condom will make the prank really sparkle. But make sure it's parked in a drive, you don't want civilian casualties.

Now your done just sit back and wait for the bang.



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