How to Double Crochet; the Tallest Stitch!




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Important note: I crochet right handed, but if you follow the directions in the way that works for you you'll end up with beautiful double crochet!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To double crochet you will need yarn and a crochet hook. Currently I'm making a mermaid blanket during this tutorial I'm using blanket yarn, and a 16 mm crochet hook.

Step 2: Loop Over the Hook

Start by looping over the hook.

Step 3: Dip Into the Next Stitch

Dip your hook underneath the next stitch. At this point in the stitch you should have three loops on your hook.

Step 4: Loop Over Once Again

Loop over your hook again, at this point in the stitch you should have four loops on your hook.

Step 5: Loop Over Again and Pull Through

Loop over once more, then pull the second and third loop over the new loop.

Step 6: Bring Over the Next Two Loops

Loop over your hook and bring the next two loops over your hook.

Step 7: Bring Over the Next Two Loops

Loop over once more after this you should have only two loops left on your hook.

Step 8: Bring Over Your Final Loops

You should begin with two loops then loop over one final time and bring over the final two loops.

Step 9: In Conclusion

This is a hard stitch to learn so be patient, this is the tallest crochet stitch like I said at the beginning and it adds some nice bulk to a project when partnered with a thicker yarn and a big hook you can make progress super fast!

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    sorry, that was supposed to say looking good!!!


    2 years ago

    Good photos, but there are taller stitches - triple & even quadruple crochet which require more wraps before & during the stitch. Keep crocheting!


    2 years ago

    I think a triple crochet is taller. Nice pictures--if I didn't already know how, I could learn from this description.