How to Double Your Lux in a Flashight! a Convoy L6 Mod!

Introduction: How to Double Your Lux in a Flashight! a Convoy L6 Mod!

In this tutorial you will learn how to de-dome an LED, boost the driver current, and see test results from the various modifications made here.

Step 1: Step 1

Remove the bezel and reflector from your Convoy L6 flashlight.

Step 2: Step 2

Remove the set screws, and detach the LED wires with your soldering iron.

Step 3: Step 3

Using a razor blade remove the dome from the XHP70 LED. Cut low, but not too close or you'll damage the bond wires. The dome is used to spread light, for this build we want to concentrate it. It should look like picture 3 when your done.

Step 4: Step 4

Remove the driver from the head by unscrewing the retaining ring.

Step 5: Step 5

Solder an R120 resistor over the 2 existing sense resistor shown here on the driver. This will boost the max current of the driver from 5000ma to 6300ma.

Step 6: Step 6

Using a smooth finish reflector rather than an orange peel one will also boost lux.

Step 7: The Results of Our Modifacations.

Step 8: Beam Shots From a Few of the Variations.

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To include the modifications you've seen here chose "ultalux" package.

Thanks for watching

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