How to Download YouTube Playlist for Free

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YouTube Playlist is the focus of music lovers’ attention and it is undeniably the best way available out there to enjoy the videos without any inconvenience. Best of all is that you can create your own YouTube Playlist to store all your favorite music videos in one place so that you can listen to it as and when you want. The only downside lined up with this trait of this social media channel is that there are several annoying ads along with the videos to spoil your entire mood. Another snag is that the owner or YouTube itself can remove videos anytime owing to copyright infringement.

But, music lovers cannot sacrifice their love for music owing to some hitches. And, this is why here is a solution for all the music lover who just want to enjoy favorite tracks without a break. Though there are a myriad of applications and software available on the market to help you download YouTube playlist, it is always a good approach to settle on the one that is proven and recommended by all. By downloading YouTube playlist, you can play them with media player at any time. Not only this, you can even create your own playlist with media player.

For those who just cannot wait to download their favorite YouTube playlist, we have listed here top three tools and their details to help you take informed decision.

Step 1: Choice One: Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader

The Wondershare has recently come up with Free YouTube playlist downloader, which enables you to download an entire playlist fluently. What is good about this tool is that it is very easy to use and makes it very simple to convert an entire YouTube playlist to a particular format such as MP3 if you upgrade to its Pro version.

Steps to download YouTube playlist

  1. The very first step involves downloading the Wondershare AllMyTube and get it installed. The process of installation becomes very easy with the wizard. You are also required to launch it after the completion of the installation process.
  2. After launching the browser, you can look for your favorite YouTube playlist. Now, click on the download button given at the top. A drop down menu will appear, of which you will be required to select your favorite playlist. It is only after this that this tool will begin its work and start analyzing entire playlist to download all the videos.
  3. Now, visit the Finished library after downloading is complete to confirm that all the videos are there. To convert videos to a specified format, you can click ‘Convert’ button given towards right and select the type of format in the window. Click on ‘OK’ button to convert it and then transfer it to the portable device.

Check detail steps and even how to create and copy YouTube playlist here.

Step 2: Choice Two: 4k Download

This is a free, cross-platform and open source video as well as audio downloader with scripts in Qt, boost and C++. The only purpose behind introducing this software is to eliminate all the stumbling blocks that affects your music experience to a great extent. This tool enables you to download YouTube Playlist and also supports video-sharing services like YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo and DailyMotion.

Steps to Download YouTube Playlist

  1. Alike all the tools, you will be required to download the freeware 4K Video Downloader available for Windows, Linux and Mac. After the downloading is complete, install the software.
  2. Now, look for the favorite playlist you aspire to download. Then, copy the link in the browser.
  3. After you have launched 4K Video Downloader, you can click on ‘Paste Url’ button that will appear in the main menu.
  4. After you successfully complete the above mentioned steps, the software will collect information such as the upload thumbnail and number of songs. Wait for a few minutes if the playlist is long.
  5. Choose MP3 format as the preferable one in the section ‘Extract audio’. The moment you will click on ‘Extract’ button, the software will begin to download immediately.
  6. Click on audio track’s thumbnail to find MP3 file on computer and then click on ‘Show in folder’.

Please check here for the detailed steps.

Step 3: Choice Three: Freemake

Freemake is another great tool that is developed to convert and download video playlist from YouTube. This effective tool supports a myriad of input formats. By using this software, you can trim videos, burn files, include subtitles, and even burn it directly to disc.

  1. Download the Freemake video downloader and kick off the installation process.
  2. After the tool is successfully installed, scour for your favorite video playlist on YouTube. Now, copy the link of your YouTube Playlist.
  3. In the downloader, click on "Paste URL" button. Check the list of videos to ensure that all you want to download appears in the list.
  4. The moment you will complete all these steps, the software will download the YouTube playlist
  5. You can choose from the option ‘only download’ or ‘convert’. Click on convert button in case you want to convert videos to MKV, MP3 or MVI.

Check here for the detailed steps.

Step 4: Conclusion

All the downloader listed above comes with some unique features and offers distinct benefits for users. The selection of the type of downloader entirely depends upon the requisite and the expectations of the users. Different tools always own different user groups, so which one is your favorite? Do not hesitate to let us know your idea and suggestions.



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