How to Download YouTube Vevo to MP3

Introduction: How to Download YouTube Vevo to MP3

    It is universally known that plenty of music videos on YouTube are from vevo. Many people would llike to download youtube vevo music video to MP3 directly so that they can listen to their favorite songs anytime and anywhere. Under the circumstance, people need to convert YouTube vevo to MP3 with the help of certain tools. Fortunately, there is a free tool based on web – Video Grabber, which can let you convert any video into MP3 format on Windows as well as Mac.

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    Step 1: Download Videos From YouTube Vevo

    Video Grabber can help you download online videos in the formats of MP4, FLV, 3GP, and WEBM. First, go to the page of Video Grabber. Next, copy and paste URL of videos on the blank box. Click the button “Download”. Then, the website will analyze video links and you can choose one format to download.

    Tips: You need to download and install an online Launcher the first time you download videos using Video grabber.

    Step 2: Select Videos You Want to Convert Into MP3

    Switch to “Convert Video” tab, and click "Select files to Convert" to select video files from your local disk.

    Step 3: Convert YouTube Vevo to MP3

    Finally, choose MP3 in the Output Format field. Click the button “Convert” and task will be converted quickly. Then you can enjoy the MP3 on your PC or transfer it to your mobile devices. Hence, the goal of appreciating music offline can be achieved. No matter what formats YouTube vevo videos are, you are able to convert them into MP3. What’s more, you can add multiple files that you want to convert.

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