Download Songs From Youtube!!

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This Instructable will show you how to download your favorite songs from youtube

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Step 1: Go to Your Favourite Music Video

1. Open your web browser

2. Type in

3. Go to the Search Bar

4. Type in the name of your favorite song

5. Press Enter

Step 2: Get URL

1. Drag your mouse to the address bar

2. HIghlight the URL

3. Right Click

4. Select Copy

Step 3: Go to Conversion Website

1. Open a new tab in your web browser

a) Method #1 : Icon

  • Select the New Tab Icon

b) Method #2 : Keyboard Shortcut

  • Press Ctrl + T on your keyboard

2. Type in

3. Press Enter

Step 4: Convert Song to MP3

1. Right click where it says URL

2. Click Paste

3. Click Convert to MP3

4. Wait for the song to finish converting

Step 5: Download Converted Song

1. Click Download

2. Wait for the song to finish downloading



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