How to Download and Install Truecaller on Android Device or Mobile Phone From Playstore.

This tutorial explains exactly how to install Truecaller mobile application from google play store using any android device. Truecaller can also be installed on different platforms i.e. Mobile Phone,Tablet, Computers . The Following Steps Shows Detailed steps On How To download and Install "Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & call record". If the embedded video tutorial doesn't work you can check out this video tutorial :

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Step 1: Tap the "Play Store" Icon. on Your Android Device / Mobile Phone

Step 2: Inside Google Play Store Search Field, Type, "Truecaller"

Step 3: Into the Search Box and Tap the First Result That Populates.

It's supposed to Appear Like "Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & call record".

Step 4: On the Truecaller Application the Green "INSTALL" Button.

Step 5: On Permission Page Scroll Through and Tap, "ACCEPT".

Step 6: Now True Caller Will Install on Your Device, This May Take Sometime But If You're in a Fast Connection Its Just a Second, When the App Installation Is Complete, Tap the Green "OPEN" Button.

Step 7: After You Review Both the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service., Tap "GET STARTED".

Step 8: Choose Either to Register a New Account or Sign in With Google or Facebook.

Step 9: Truecaller Will Now Attempt to Verify Your Phone Number. Do So.(enter Your Mobile Number and in the Text Field and Click the Appropriate Button).

Step 10: After Successful Phone Number Verification You Will See This Message. "Success Let's Continue".

Step 11: Now You Have Installed Truecaller.



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