How to Download and Install Truecaller on Android Device or Mobile Phone From Playstore.

This tutorial show you how to install true caller form playstore using any android device: Mobile Phone,Tablet Or any other android device. The Following Steps Shows Detailed Info On How To download and Install Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & call record. If the embedded video tutorial doesn't work you can check out this video tutorial :

Step 1: Tap the "Play Store" Icon. on Your Android Device / Mobile Phone

Step 2: Inside Google Play Store Search Field, Type, "Truecaller"

Step 3: Into the Search Box and Tap the First Result That Populates.

It's supposed to Appear Like "Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & call record".

Step 4: On the Truecaller Application the Green "INSTALL" Button.

Step 5: On Permission Page Scroll Through and Tap, "ACCEPT".

Step 6: Now True Caller Will Install on Your Device, This May Take Sometime But If You're in a Fast Connection Its Just a Second, When the App Installation Is Complete, Tap the Green "OPEN" Button.

Step 7: After You Review Both the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service., Tap "GET STARTED".

Step 8: Choose Either to Register a New Account or Sign in With Google or Facebook.

Step 9: Truecaller Will Now Attempt to Verify Your Phone Number. Do So.(enter Your Mobile Number and in the Text Field and Click the Appropriate Button).

Step 10: After Successful Phone Number Verification You Will See This Message. "Success Let's Continue".

Step 11: Now You Have Installed Truecaller.



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