How to Download and Use Instagram on an Iphone 6 and Above

Introduction: How to Download and Use Instagram on an Iphone 6 and Above

This instructable is for the new users of Instagram. This will go through how to set up an account and how to work it.

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Step 1: How to Download Instagram

  • Go to the app store
  • Search instagram
  • tap install
  • use my thumb to confirm

Step 2: How to Move Instagram Into the Social Media Folder

  • tap and hold Instagram
  • wait until the apps start shaking
  • drag Instagram on top of the social media folder
  • click the home button

Step 3: How to Make an Account

  • tap sign up
  • put in your email and make a password
  • create a username
  • tap create account

Step 4: How to Navigate Instagram

  • The house icon is the feed where you will see all of the posts and stories of the people you follow
  • The magnifying glass is the search tab. You can search people or hashtags or places and see posts that are in your interest
  • The plus button is where you can make your own posts
  • the heart button is your activity feed. You can see who followed you or liked one of your posts.
  • The person tab is your profile.

Step 5: How to Make Your Profile Picture

  • Go to your profile
  • hit edit profile
  • hit change profile photo
  • choose whether to get it from your camera roll or to take one
  • hit done

Step 6: How to Make Your Bio

  • go to your profile
  • click the gray word bio beside the black word bio
  • type whatever you want hit done twice

Step 7: How to Follow People

  • Go to the search tab
  • search which ever person you like or know
  • click their profile and hit follow

Step 8: How to Make a Story

  • Go to the Home tab
  • slide the screen right
  • Take a picture or use a feature or choose from your camera roll
  • tap the screen to add text or slide up and add another feature of your choice
  • Tap ad

Step 9: How to Post a Picture or Video

  • Hit the plus button at the bottom
  • Take a picture or choose from camera roll
  • Hit next
  • Add a caption
  • Tap post

Step 10: How to Direct Message Someone

  • On the Home page, click the arrow at the top right corner
  • click the plus button and search for somebody
  • Then in the text box, type whatever and and hit send

Step 11: How to Like a Post

  • On the home page, you will see posts from the people you follow
  • If you like it, double tap the picture or video

Step 12: How to Comment on a Post

  • On the home page, you will see posts from the people you follow
  • If you want to comment something, right under the picture or video is 3 icons
  • You would hit the speech bubble icon and type whatever you want to say
  • when done typing, hit post

Step 13: How to Make Your Account Private

  • go to profile
  • click the 3 lines at the top right
  • tap settings
  • hit privacy and security
  • hit account privacy
  • flip the switch from off to on

Step 14: How to Make Your Account a Business Profile

  • Go to profile
  • Hit the 3 lines at the top right
  • hit account
  • click switch to business profile
  • follow the directions from there

Step 15: How to Save Posts to Look at Again

  • On the home feed, you will see posts from the people you follow
  • hit the bookmark icon below the post
  • to view it, go to profile
  • hit the 3 lines at the top right
  • hit saved
  • then see all the posts you've saved

Step 16: How to Clear Your Search History

  • go to profile
  • hit 3 lines at the top right
  • hit settings
  • hit privacy and security
  • hit clear search history
  • then hit clear search history again
  • then say yes i am sure

Step 17: How to Look at What Has Been Happening With You Account

  • Hit the heart button at the bottom
  • look at people liking and commenting on your posts
  • see who has followed you, etc

Step 18: How to Add Another Account

  • go to your profile
  • hit your username at the top
  • hit add account
  • either sign in or sign up

Step 19: How to Look at Posts That You Have Been Tagged In

  • go to your profile
  • hit the picture frame with a person inside it
  • look at the posts you have been tagged in

Step 20: How to Block Accounts

  • go to the account you want to block
  • hit the 3 dots
  • hit block
  • then hit block again

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