How to Download and Use Spotify on a Computer Running Windows

Introduction: How to Download and Use Spotify on a Computer Running Windows

This instructable will teach you how to how to download and use the music program Spotify on a computer running windows. Spotify is a commercial music streaming program that provides a wide range of major and independent record labels to listeners. Music can be browsed by artist, song title, album, record label, genre, or playlist.

Materials Needed:
-computer with Windows operating system
-internet connection
-e-mail address or Facebook account
-basic knowledge of how to use a computer/internet

Note: This tutorial does not cover using Spotify on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets. Using Spotify on these devices may require a paid monthly subscription.

Step 1: Downloading Spotify

Go to the Spotify home page,

 Click the button that says “Get Spotify”.

Step 2: Downloading Spotify

The page will redirect to a download page.

Step 3: Downloading Spotify

When it has finished downloading, a login box will appear.

Step 4: Registering on Spotify

You will see an option, in the login box, that says Not a User? Sign up. Click on the hyperlinked words “Sign up.”

 A new window will open allowing you to sign up using a Facebook account. This will allow your Facebook friends to see what you are listening to on Spotify.
If you wish to register with Facebook, fill in your information in the boxes provided.
Click “Register”.

Step 5: Registering on Spotify

If you do not have a Facebook account or do not wish to allow your Facebook friends to see what you are listening to on Spotify, you can create an account using your email.

To do so click “create an account using your e-mail” in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Step 6: Registering on Spotify

If you choose “create an account using your e-mail address” a new window will open to create an account, add your personal information in the boxes provided.

Once you have completed either set of account information, press the “Continue” button.

Step 7: Registering on Spotify

Choose your desired product version - there are free and paid versions.

Press the orange button that says “download”.

A Spotify icon will appear on your desktop and you have successfully made an account.
The icon will look like this:

Step 8: How to Use Spotify

To begin using Spotify, double click on your desktop icon to open the program. Then log-in using the account that you made.
The logo will be similar to this:

Step 9: How to Use Spotify

Click “radio” on the left side-bar of the Spotify player.

Click “Create New Station”

Enter a track, album, artist or playlist in the search box.

 Click “enter” to start.
You can also right-click on any track and select ‘Start Radio’.

Step 10: How to Use Spotify

Spotify allows you to edit your music. If you don’t like a track, just skip to the next using the button.

Hit thumbs up (or down) when a track is playing and the station will improve based on the track you just liked or disliked.

Step 11: How to Use Spotify

You can also search for specific music, just type the song, artist or album into the search box in the Spotify player.

 Scroll down the list of results and click on what you want to listen to.

Step 12: How to Use Spotify

Once you have music in your library you may want to create a new playlist. To do so click “New Playlist” in the left side toolbar of the Spotify player.

 Give your playlist a name.

 Drag and drop the tracks you want to include or right-click a track or album and choose “Add to” and then “New Playlist”.

Step 13: Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to view this instructable. We hope that it is both helpful and instructional on the basics of Spotify. We welcome your comments and feedback below.

-Stephanie, Katie, and Laura

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    5 Discussions

    The images really helped me and they were integrated into the instructions really well. The instructions were easy to follow for me!

    Cassie Mae
    Cassie Mae

    7 years ago on Step 5

    I love the use of the images, and how the information provided with the images is concise and to the point. I just have a hard time seeing what the arrows are pointing to. I think it would help if you screen shot a specific part of the webpage you want, so the reader can see it better. Great job!!


    7 years ago on Step 13

    Hey guys, great instructable! Really helpful. I'm just wondering about pages 7 and 8 -each page ends with a colon, and underneath I expected to find an icon (page 7) and a logo (page 8). Are we supposed to go to the next page to view them or are the images yet to be added? Was just a bit confusing. Otherwise great job, thanks!