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Hello, there. Let's learn how to draw objects in 3D. It might look complicated but it's easy. A little practice and patience could make you professional. Remember that 3D drawing, from my point of view, depends on perspective and a play of light and shadow. To an object to look 3D that is 2D we have to give it depth.

What is the Perspective?

The art of drawing solid objects on a 2D surface so as to give the right impression of relative position, size, etc. Perspective creates the illusion that depth exists behind the flat surface of a painting.

Some drawing tips:

For different tones use different shades of pencil. Such as for:

  1. Very light tone - HB Pencil
  2. Light tone - 2B Pencil
  3. Medium tone - 6B Pencil
  4. Dark tone - 8B Pencil
  5. Very dark tone - 10B Pencil

Practice some day-to-day objects so you may get familiar with light and shadow techniques.

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Step 1: Materials and Let's Draw It

You need:

  1. Some sketch pencils (HB, 2B, 10B)
  2. Eraser
  3. Ruler
  4. Cotton or a piece of paper
  5. Any object (I used a rectangular prism-shaped one)
  6. Black pen

Take your object and place it on the paper. Sit steadily on the chair. Mark the corners of the object while sitting in that same position. Draw straight lines of object and finish the sketch work. Take away your object. Take a black pen and draw the outline. Then erase the extra lines. Again keep the object in the same position while you sitting at the same spot. Draw the outline of the shadows. Do not give outline with a black pen. Keep the object at a distance and shade the object. Take cotton or a piece of paper and smooth the lines. After this shade the shadows. Again take cotton or a piece of paper and smooth the lines. For finishing touches, give darker tones wherever needed. Viola, your 3D drawing is ready.

To look 3D keep the drawing flat on the table and look the drawing form a distance. Or sit in the position that you were drawing. It will look 3D apparently.

Step 2: Tips

There are tips to show it more realistic.

Tip 01: Cut out a portion of the drawing as in the first picture.

Tip 02: Pull your desk away from the wall (A gap of 1 cm will do the trick) and place the drawing touching the wall. In the photograph or to your eyes it will be seeing apparently as if there is a solid object.(2nd picture)

Step 3: Video

The description (step 02 ) will be confusing. Sorry about that. But good news, I have uploaded a video on this tutorial. Pardon me for the bad video quality. But, the settings of 720p and theatre mode will make the video clearer. Thank you for reading.

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