How to Draw a Flower





Introduction: How to Draw a Flower

I will be showing you how to draw a flower and color your picture with pastel chalk. You will need the following materials drawing paper, pastel chalks, pencils, erasers, and a flower photograph.

Step 1: Step 2

I will begin by drawing the rose by creating simple spirals that are interconnected. The spirals should vary in length. This will establish the feel of realism

Step 2: Step 3

I will draw the rest of the lines and organic shapes that surround the spirals. This will unify all the new shapes with the previous shapes.

Step 3: Step 4

After I have determined the placement of all the spirals and the organic shapes that surround the spirals. I will begin to establish my light and shadow. I will begin by drawing in the shadows as shapes. This will give my drawing the feel of depth perception.

Step 4: Step 5

After the flower is fully drawn and the light and shadows are established I will begin to color the flower with the pastel chalk. For those of you who have not colored with pastels hold it with you finger tips.

Step 5: Step 6

Make sure you smudge the pastel with your fingers. USE YOUR FINGERS DON'T BE SCARED!

Step 6: Step 7

If you smudge your lines and blend with your finger tip your picture should look similar to this.

Step 7: Step 8

You can use hair spray to hold the chalk in place after you are finished with the picture.

Step 8: Step 8

This is the finished picture. Good luck and enjoy!



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     Pastel paper works a little better. it hold the pigment a little better, and you can still smudge it. And how much did that set of nupastels cost? I've been looking around, and they;re really expensive.

    You can also use Q-tips or a blending stump for this instead of your finger. much nicer as you dont have to clean your fingers when blending to complimentary colors, such as purple and yellow after blending a red-ish color.

    You have an incredible talent. i am definitely adding this to my favorites. Looking forward to seeing more instructables!!!!!!!!!!!!!