How to Draw Andromeda and Other Constellations



Introduction: How to Draw Andromeda and Other Constellations

You will need:

- Pencil

- Paper

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Step 1: Andromeda

Body and right hand (for Andromeda):

1. Draw a upside-down triangle

2. Draw a slightly diagonal line starting from the top left corner of the upside-down triangle

3. Draw a straight line above it


1. On the top right corner of the triangle (or the body that doesn't look like a body) draw a slightly diagonal line (leaning to the right side for you, left side for Andromeda) that is roughly the same height as the right hand (for Andromeda, not your right).

Left hand (for Andromeda):

1. From the top right (right for you, not for Andromeda) corner of the triangle, draw a short straight line

2. Draw a diagonal line (it's heading downwards, to the right (right for you, not Andromeda)


1.From the bottom corner of the triangle, draw a diagonal line and a vertical line starting from there.

2. Draw a diagonal line (heading left and to the top) then draw the same thing that you drew for the other leg

If you're confused (which you probably are) just look at the photos.

Wow, right and left, left and right, I'm getting confused

Step 2: Aries

Step 3: Taurus

Taurus looks better than this.

Step 4: Orion

Step 5: Perseus

Step 6: Canis Major and Canis Minor

I'm certain you'll find out how to draw Canis Minor.

Step 7: Ursa Major and Minor

Step 8: Hydra

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