How to Draw Anime Head




Here in an easy tutorial on how to draw an anime face

Step 1:

Draw head shape lightly

Step 2:

Draw ears halfway up the head and nose in line with the bottom of the ears

Step 3:

Draw eye brows in line with the top of the ears and mouth a couple of centimetres underneath the nose

Step 4:

Carefully draw eyes beneath the eye brows lightly

Step 5:

Add fringe outline covering one eye and both ears follow picture carefully

Step 6:

Using a rubber erase everything inside the fringe

Step 7:

Add plait attached to the bottom of fringe crossing in a zigzag pattern and shade all hair in.



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    2 years ago

    I really like the hairstyle you drew! I am currently learning to draw different hairstyles, and so far I learned this

    but I'd like to practice a bit and learn some more different styles. If anyone has any suggestions or tips, I'd appreciate it :)


    Welcome to Instructables. Thank for sharing the great tutorial with the community. I hope that you will post more in the future.