How to Draw Anything

So, for many people, drawing accurately can be a bit of a challenge. I hope that this Instructable helps you reach your goal!


For this, all you´ll need is a pencil, an eraser, a sheet of paper, and a flat, hard surface to work on.

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Step 1: Make a Rough Shape.

Draw the outline and any VERY important details. Make sure not to draw any finer details. In this example I will be drawing a more old fashioned desktop computer. (Also, sorry for the terrible photo quality.) I just did a rough outline of the monitor, the processor itself, and the keyboard and mouse. Note that I did not erase the mistakes I made- that will come in a later step.

Step 2: Some Slightly Finer Details.

In this step, you will be beginning the first few details. I worked on the mouses buttons, gave more detail to the processor, gave keys to the keyboard, and put a frame around the screen in the monitor. If you want, you can erase any mistakes you might have made. Remember to not do any minor details. (I.E, shading, letters, etc.) You will probably begin to really recognize what you are drawing.

Step 3: The Final Details!

The last step! In this step, add the last few details and shade. When shading, choose where the light comes from and use your pencil to lightly fill in a small area and use your fingertip to blend it. If you have a tortillon (A shading tool), then use that to shade. I added a application menu, a mouse pad, more detail to the processor, shading, a running application, and made the wires better. I hope you enjoyed! Until next time. I am planning on having my next instructable be on how to shade, in case you are still confused on it.

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    11 days ago

    Thanks for sharing your tips! If you got second light for when you're working on your drawings, your pictures would be a little less blurry. Can't wait to see your next Instructable!