How to Draw Celtic Knot Work




Introduction: How to Draw Celtic Knot Work

I make free-hand drawings of Celtic Knot work (I specify “free-hand” because people always ask where the stencil is). I saw this idea online a couple of years ago. I started drawing basic squares but my designs have gotten more intricate over the years. If you don't get it the first time keep trying! It takes awhile to perfect the steps involved, but eventually you'll be drawing them in your sleep.

Step 1: The Border

If it's your first time, use a grid.  The bigger the grid, the easier it will be (1 in x 1 in shlould be good).  Put the grid under your paper and follow the grid to make a border.  Making a rectangle would be the easiest, but when doing something more complicated,  the more symetrical the design the better it will look.

Step 2: Complete the Pattern

To complete the pattern, start with corners and work your way towards the center.  You're basically drawing two kinds of squares: squares inside grid squares or squares around four corners of grid squares.  If you want to get fancy, you can add turning points, which is just connecting two squares.  The more turning points you have, the more interesting it will be (again, try to keep it symmetrical).

Step 3: Over Under

Over under over under over under over under over under. Do that about 500 times and you should end up with one giant knot. Take your time when doing this. Most likely, the first thing someone will do when they see this is follow the line, and if it doesn't go over under over under they will make sure to point it out to you.

Step 4: Finish

Go over the lines to make them thicker and straighter or even add more color.

Step 5: Get Creative

Instead of four sides do three or five, do a double border, make a frame, add circles and color, whatever you want. Have fun!

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7 Discussions

Eliza Dreemurr
Eliza Dreemurr

4 years ago

Great Job! I Absolutley Adore Celtic Knots And Always Have Some Sort Of Spare Time At Home. Can't Wait To Try This Out


5 years ago on Introduction

Congrats on work well done. I very much like your site.


7 years ago on Step 4

Thanks for that great tutorial. I never would have figured it out!

Dream Dragon
Dream Dragon

7 years ago on Introduction

This is great. I love it! But HOW do you avoid ending up with the bit that goes "Under" when it should go "Over" or vice versa...?