How to Draw Chibi Summer Girl - Watercolor Pencils Tutorial

Introduction: How to Draw Chibi Summer Girl - Watercolor Pencils Tutorial

About: Hello there! I'm Francesca and I love drawing... that's why I started to share my passion with all of you with speed paintings and tutorials. I hope to inspire your artistic creations with my Instructables! :)

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw, ink and color a cute chibi girl that swim in the ocean.

[ Please also watch the step by step process in the video, it will help you to get how to do all the steps ]

MATERIAL NEEDED: watercolor pencils, watercolor paper, H pencil, eraser, brush, water, waterproof fineliner.

Step 1: Basic Shapes

First we start drawing basic shapes: the girl body is like a bean and the swim ring seems a donut ahah.

Anyway this will help us to figure it out how the figure is done.

Step 2: Details

When we have done with the shapes we can finally add details on her face: eyes, hair, mouth ect. We also draw the sea, fishes and the sun.

Step 3: Inking

Once the drawing is done, we ink the picture making both thin and bold lines. This will help us to increase dynamism of the scene.

Step 4: Painting

We paint the girl starting from the skin: we will use brown, pink, red and ochre for reproducing the tanned skin.

We will layer colors several time.

Attention: wait until the previous layer dried, otherwise colors will mix together in a bad way!

Since the swim ring is transparent, we color only the shadows of it, adding also few reflections.

Then we color remaining parts: fishes, sea and the sun.

Step 5: End

We add final reflection with white gel pen and that's it! ;)




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